Content creators should be at the heart of media plans.

We believe content creators should be at the heart of media plans. Our campaigns are carefully and strategically designed to hold attention and win the trust of viewers, to drive brand awareness or sales for your brand.

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Our campaigns are carefully and strategically designed to hold attention and win the trust of viewers

Organic Influencer Content –

Our team of expert strategists and content obsessives have been running global campaigns for FTSE-500 companies for years. We design creator marketing campaigns that reach your target customers wherever they are. Whether it is YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, or Twitch, we craft campaigns that authentically and seamlessly integrate into their content. We guarantee organic results for every campaign, so that you know what you’re getting from the outset.

Editing & Repurposing Assets  –

Our Campaign Producers can negotiate usage rights for creator content. Our in-house video editors then optimise assets for all formats of brand-owned and paid social ad usage. Advertising produced by content creators is on average 50% cheaper and 40% more memorable than adverts from traditional video production companies.

Paid Social Advertising –

To get the most mileage from creator content, we then amplify the reach of your content through running paid social ads with content creators at their heart. This drives brand awareness, consideration or conversions, while extending the life cycle of the organic campaign. Insights from content creators allow us to target potential customers with accuracy - through precision targeting, audience building and retargeting campaigns. We can run paid advertising campaigns directly through influencer accounts or brand-owned channels.

Influencer Marketing is powerful - but time-consuming. We run everything - from strategy, to sourcing creators using our data tools, negotiations, contracts and ensuring content adheres to local advertising guidelines. We take all of the hard work off your hands. You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

We guarantee organic results for every campaign. We’ll start with organic impressions for a trial campaign, and later we can work to a CPA or ROI target. If we don’t hit those views - we commission additional content until we do or give back our agency fee.

Our data tools rate audience authenticity, so that you know follower and viewer numbers are real. For performance campaigns, we also use historic performance data from previous campaigns to select creators who are known to drive sales from your target customers.

Data is at the heart of everything we do at Digital Voices. From guaranteeing results for every campaign, to filtering over 20 million content creators by whether their engaged audience and historical performance matches your target customer, we start with data. But data can only go so far - we balance human insights to ensure campaigns succeed and keep people watching.

We’ve run campaigns with thousands of creators across six continents. Our data tools work globally and we hire local social media content enthusiasts to execute campaigns, design strategy and engage with creators. Balancing global insights with deep local knowledge.

We will find your customers wherever they are watching. Digital Voices has run campaigns with global brands across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook and Snapchat. We can also help you optimise the customer journey, with landing pages and UTM links - to maximise sales.

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From America to Brazil and Cameroon, we’ve partnered with thousands of creators globally.
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We don’t work with tobacco or gambling products. No matter the budget. All our shortlists prioritise inclusivity and include at least 25% diverse creators, whether that’s race, gender, disability, sexuality or religion.

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