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We're not your typical agency –

We are a team of influencers, strategists, analysts, producers, and designers who live and breathe content.

Where we started

Digital Voices is an independent, female-founded agency born out of innovation. Back in 2017, Jennifer Quigley-Jones built Digital Voices after working at YouTube and realizing the lack of understanding brands had when it came to finding influencers to work with. Jennifer recognised there was a huge gap in the market and opened a business account with just a £500 personal investment. 

Where we are now

Our agency has grown exponentially to an international team of over 75 people, with offices in New York and London. We run campaigns for clients such as Unilever, Diageo, Yoplait, Meta, and Duolingo. Remaining independent has allowed us to be agile and adjust to the dynamic and ever-changing industry. We care about your objectives and use our creativity and insights to exceed your goals. That’s why we are a multi-award winning agency, and named ‘Best Influencer Agency of the Year’ in 2022. 

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From a morning walk on Miami Beach to a croissant by the Eiffel Tower, our remote team has it covered.

Stand for something

We believe in being inclusive, and have an active D&I Committee who contribute to internal policies including a flexible holiday program (allowing employees to swap religious holidays). For our external campaigns, we include at least 25% diverse influencers in shortlists, whether this is race, gender, disability, sexuality, or religion. We also have a commitment to sustainability, and offer clients the opportunity to offset their campaigns to be carbon neutral.
Diversity & Inclusion