How Agency Tech Can Supercharge Your Influencer Campaign
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How Agency Tech Can Supercharge Your Influencer Campaign

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Influencers can convert your target audience as they have engaged followers who trust their recommendations. Many agencies have dedicated teams to select the perfect influencer for a brand and to devise a high-performing strategy but with developments in AI, agencies are integrating technology into the workflow to enhance campaigns for their clients. 

Whether shortlisting and execution or performance tracking and optimization, technology can improve every stage of the campaign lifecycle. By leveraging intelligent insights, efficient production processes, and streamlined communication tools, agencies can deliver world-class campaigns that drive high-performing results for brands.

The impact of Machine Learning and Generative AI 

The integration of machine learning and Generative AI introduces a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to Influencer Marketing campaigns. AI technologies can: 

  • Streamline the processing and analysis of data to identify trends and insights to shape future strategies.
  • Monitor holistic insights such as tracking influencer activities to ensure brand safety, helping brands make informed decisions about partnerships.

These benefits also free up time for agencies to focus on client servicing and enhancing overall productivity. 

Digital Voices Presents: Composer 

We leaned into the power of AI when building our revolutionary tool, Composer to bring something new to the influencer landscape. Currently in its beta phase, Composer leverages the power of large language models and generative insights, fueled by Google Gemini and Vertex AI.

For our team, Composer is a game-changer, offering invaluable data to shape future strategies effortlessly. By leveraging generative insights from past campaigns, Composer enables quick understanding of campaigns on a deeper level, from speech-to-text analysis to understanding brand sentiment. This means our team can focus more on client servicing while efficiently understanding campaign intricacies.

For clients, Composer simplifies the process of understanding influencer activities, ensuring brand safety, and gaining competitive insights – this will help with creator shortlisting too. Its audience analysis feature allows us to feed back to brands enabling them to understand their target audience's preferences across different platforms, meaning we can customize campaigns precisely to meet their goals. Moreover, Composer's AI-driven analysis forecasts and recommends campaign strategies, offering brands strategic direction and foresight.

By harnessing the power of machine learning and Generative AI, Composer optimizes campaign performance, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and effectiveness!

Understanding influencer tech 

Influencer Marketing technology exists outside of agencies, such as self-service platforms, and tools. While this method is quick, easy to use, and often budget-friendly - relying solely on technology limits the quality of creative and the creators chosen may not be brand safe. 

There are a huge number of tasks that technology alone cannot accomplish. The human touch is crucial when working with real people, focusing on authentic connections.

Working with a tech-enabled agency 

The optimal approach is to partner with a tech-enabled agency such as Digital Voices, which has a dedicated team of Influencer Marketing experts and revolutionary proprietary influencer technology. 

Choosing an agency that blends technology with human expertise ensures a balanced approach, where advanced tools enhance the skills of experienced professionals in the influencer space, leading to more effective influencer marketing strategies.

If you want to learn more about how our tech products work, reach out to us at and we will be happy to book a demo! 

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