Creator Spotlight - Women’s Equality Day 2023

Creator Spotlight - Women’s Equality Day 2023

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Did you know that 77% of influencers actively monetizing their content are female? While the other 23% are male. There are so many inspiring women slaying the content game every single day, and we want to highlight just a few of them! 

If you’re looking to freshen up your feed and support some game-changing women, look no further…

Bel Priestley

Having started posting on YouTube 5 years ago, Bel rose to fame during lockdown on TikTok and now has over a million followers. Bel's openness and honesty about her experiences growing up as a trans teen have positioned her as a role model for other young people in the LGBTGIA+ community. Recently, Bel secured her first acting role, and you can spot her on Netflix playing the role of Naomi in Heartstopper season 2.   

Maddie Bruce

Maddie has been sharing wellness focussed content for over 10 years on Instagram and YouTube, collaborating with global brands that have allowed her to leverage her creativity. Maddie speaks openly about her own mental health on her channels and has fostered a supportive community for those facing challenges, advocating for positive change. 

Grace Victory

Award-winning content creator, Grace Victory, is an all-around powerhouse. For the past decade, she has spoken on YouTube and Instagram about everything from mental health to therapy, trauma, and finding solace in spirituality. Grace candidly talks about her own recovery from mental and physical trauma, working with her audience and charities to support those who can relate to her experiences.   

Natalee Barnett

Natalee Barnett is slaying the game when it comes to encouraging other women to be less fearful about going to the gym. On TikTok, she posts videos where she will turn up at the gym in her dressing gown, or moon boots, to show that there’s nothing you cannot do! If you’re struggling with gym confidence, take a look in Natalee’s direction. 

Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale, everyone's true crime bestie. Eleanor’s super in-depth, meticulously researched true crime story videos consistently achieve views in the millions, with her personality shining through as she tells often deep and dark stories. Eleanor has recently started vlogging too, and is further showcasing her humor by doing so!

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