Digital Voices Sponsors the Empowered by Vee Conference
September 1, 2022

Digital Voices Sponsors the Empowered by Vee Conference

Last weekend we paid to sponsor the Academic Empowerment Conference, which is an annual student event organised by Empowered by Vee. The conference is for young people who feel underrepresented and under-supported in their academic studies. Our sponsorship paid for “The Empowerment Guide” to be printed, so each delegate could take a copy home to use when needed. 

There were inspiring talks from creators and experts throughout the day. Jenny and Anna ran a session on applying for jobs and finding your future career. We focused on the advertising industry, as it's notoriously difficult to access! 

Empowered By Vee is a platform that supports underrepresented and disempowered youth in their education journeys, founded by content creator Vee Kativhu. She uses her platform to share tips and advice on recognising academic ability and potential. She has over 300k followers across her social media channels and her community. Creators including Eve Cornwall, Ehis Ilozobhie and Jack Edwards were also part of the event! 

If you’d like to apply for a role at Digital Voices, please head to our careers page.

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