How to enhance your influencer campaigns with CRO
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How to enhance your influencer campaigns with CRO

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Picture your brand’s website as a physical shop, and your site visitors are potential customers walking in. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) on your website, is like rearranging the shop’s layout, improving the displays and making the checkout counters easier to find to draw your customers in and increase the likelihood that they will leave with bags in their hands. 

Capturing and keeping the attention of e-commerce consumers is an even greater challenge than doing so in person. With millions of sites and products at our fingertips, and attention spans shortening, it’s essential to ensure your site holds the key to converting customers. 

CRO can play a huge role in enhancing your influencer marketing campaign, by converting traffic into customers, and here’s how… 

Level up your influencer marketing campaign

There are different touch points to consider when elevating your brand CRO. Don’t be afraid to get personal! Your site can be adapted and tailored to match the personal preferences of your customers. Using analytic tools can help you understand how users interact with your brand. This understanding allows you to make informed decisions on changes to your website that can increase the likelihood of a conversion occurring. Digital Voices’ in-house developed tool, Chord, can help to analyze historic data and make amendments based on recommendations user behavior.

It goes without saying, that with e-commerce and social commerce booming in popularity amongst consumers, your site must be optimized for mobile. Ensuring a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets improves overall conversion rates, making sure CTAs that guide users to convert are compelling and clear. 

You may also consider: 

  • Using content featuring recognizable influencers using your product on your site.
  • Personalized notifications for specific audiences. 
  • Personalized, trackable discount codes that creators can share with their followers.
  • Making sure CTAs are presented across different pages and closely monitoring the engagement.   
CRO optimization in action

At Digital Voices, we enhance our Influencer Marketing with CRO, helping your campaigns convert better without requiring developer resources. 

Trilogy is a New Zealand-based clean beauty brand, known as the “OGs of Rosehip Oil”, and we have been working together since 2022, using the power of Influencer Marketing to break the brand into the US skincare market. 

We partnered with influencers to create flexible cross-platform content and incorporated CRO to create a seamless buying journey for audiences interested in the products. 

Our in-house tech team adapted the Trilogy website for the traffic that came from the influencer content to include:

  • Omnipresent targeted personalized bar: A personalized notification consistently displayed across different pages to a specific audience. 
  • Personalized discount codes: Influencers have been promoting products with personalized discount codes for their followers to use at checkout. 
  • Omnipresent and tracked CTAs: Clear and consistent CTAs are presented across different pages, and the interactions with these CTAs are closely monitored to analyze consumer engagement. 

With these measures in place, we were able to increase view-to-cart and basket-to-checkout ratios and drive sales for Trilogy. 

Integrating CRO into an Influencer Marketing strategy ensures that every aspect of the user experience is optimized to maximize conversions. It's all about making data-driven improvements, reducing friction, and providing a personalized journey for customers, ultimately boosting your brand's ROI. 

To learn more about Chord, and how you can enhance your influencer campaigns with CRO, reach out to us at

An example of our CRO for Trilogy.

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