5 Epic Examples of Generative AI in Influencer Marketing

5 Epic Examples of Generative AI in Influencer Marketing

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Will Artificial Intelligence kill creativity? 

No! It’s a myth that creativity is lost when AI is used, especially when assisting the production of influencer content. 

AI tools can boost influencers' and content creators' creativity by offering idea generation, creation assistance, augmented creativity, and much more. 

Generative AI can create new things like images, text, or music. It learns from examples and then makes new assets that look or sound real – in the same way that an artist or musician learns from seeing or hearing inspiration all around them, and then makes something new based on their learnings.

These tools can provide insights, assistance, and experimentation opportunities without overshadowing the creator's unique vision and voice. Ultimately, Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize various industries, such as Influencer Marketing, by enabling automated content creation at scale and enhancing creativity by providing new tools and possibilities for expression.

Building hype around Generative AI 

Since its initial launch in March 2023, we’ve been working with Adobe on an influencer campaign to raise awareness of their Firefly product amongst professional creatives and those at entry-level, empowering users to push the boundaries of their imagination and transform their design approach.

Adobe Firefly is a game-changing web application that directly integrates into Adobe’s Core Tools – Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express. Firefly is for creating extraordinary content using the power of creative generative AI. 

As Firefly hits its first birthday, demonstrations of the product’s features and versatility in influencer content have made it easier for creatives to explore and have fun with the tools. They show that no matter your experience, you can dive in and create some amazing stuff with the support of Generative AI. 

Influencers experimented with the use of AI in their content creation while aligning with their audience's preferences. This innovative approach not only resonates with the influencers’ audiences, but injects unexpected elements of creativity. 

Influencers in action
The Baker 

The Baking Explorer showed her Instagram audience how easy it can be to use Adobe Firefly to generate images using only a few words to inspire cake decorating ideas, playing with a mix of AI and imagination. 

She searched for a basic phrase, added to the findings to develop her delicious idea, and then started baking! She spoke to her audience about the Firefly features she enjoys using, and finally revealed her real-life Firefly birthday cake versus the Firefly-generated image, showing how she made it come to life.

The Fashionista

Noorie Ana is one of the creators who has embraced Adobe Firefly to produce innovative fashion content. Lara Adkins and Natasha Ahmed are also amongst the creators who put a magical spin on their fashion content using Firefly. 

Noorie focussed on using the generative fill tool to change aspects of her outfit eg. handbags and sunglasses as if it were by magic in her slick, street style Reel. As well as sharing a beautiful piece of content, Noorie used the post’s caption to detail the tools she experimented with, informing her audience on how they can get started too. 

The Jokesters

Ciáran Carlin put a humorous spin on his dedicated YouTube video in partnership with Adobe. He invited his friend and fellow YouTuber WillNE to take him on in the ultimate Photoshop competition. Ciáran has been using Adobe tools organically for 10 years, so was the perfect influencer partner for the brand. 

In the long-form video, Ciáran and Will explain the processes and tools they use within Firefly when generating comedic images, including a photo of their friend with quirky hairstyles, and a 'guess who' round where they identify the famous face behind an image altered using Adobe Firefly.

The Experimenter

Jordan Hames takes a cinematic approach to his short-form, high-end fashion content and regularly experiments with artistic, creative concepts to engage his audience bringing the wow factor to his Instagram Reels. 

Developing on his previous experience using the Adobe Suite, Jordan used Adobe Firefly to transform multiple elements of his video. From switching up the door behind him and plants in the foreground to seamlessly switching outfits, Jordan showcased what more experienced Adobe Suite users can achieve with Firefly. 

The Artist

The creative mastermind Illumin Arty used Adobe Firefly’s image generation tools to draw inspiration for a robotic makeup look. She shared how she has been using Adobe for video and picture editing since she was a teenager, so working with the brand to raise awareness of its latest features was perfectly aligned with her.

Illumin Arty explained how she uses Firefly’s Gen AI tools when she is in a creative rut and seeking artistic inspiration.

Brands can harness the power of Generative AI in their influencer campaigns to infuse their content with new levels of creativity. With Generative AI, influencers can leverage innovative tools to produce unique and captivating content that resonates deeply with their audience. This emerging technology empowers brands to explore new storytelling techniques, experiment with diverse content formats, deliver highly personalized experiences to their target demographic, and position themselves at the forefront of digital innovation.

Drop us an email at hello@digitalvoices.com to learn how you can enhance your future influencer campaigns with emerging AI tools. 

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