5 Influential Voices Educating their Audiences on LGBTQ+ History
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5 Influential Voices Educating their Audiences on LGBTQ+ History

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

This February, as we recognize LGBTQ+ History Month, brands have a unique opportunity to align with influential voices who have created a platform to share their stories about their LGBTQ+ experiences, and build communities. 

It's not just about acknowledging; this month and the upcoming Pride Month in June are all about brands putting their support behind influencers who are keeping it real and sparking conversations on equality.

LGBTQ+ History Month is acknowledged in the UK in February, but this list includes influential figures from across the globe, appreciating the importance of how the LGBTQ+ community promotes equality and unity, and recognizing voices worldwide to understand their impact on the global LGBTQ+ community.

These are the individuals you need to have on your radar: 

Shaz Meenaawan (She/Her)

Shaz Meenaawan goes by the name @mrspotatoqueen online, and her authentic and candid content illuminates the experiences of being a queer Muslim woman in London. Her videos delve into various aspects of her life, from navigating dating and relationships to recounting her journey of coming out and rediscovering her love for Islam. 

With a dedicated following of over 111.8k, Shaz has established a platform that provides a safe space for marginalized identities to share their stories and express themselves freely.

Jesse Sullivan (He/Him) 

Jesse Sullivan has amassed almost 3 million followers on TikTok where he speaks in a raw and honest way about his experience as a trans parent, and how he raises his gender fluid child. Alongside his child, Arlo, Jesse also hosts the podcast ‘Interview with My Kid’ where the pair chat together, and with guests about their queer experiences.

Jesse’s content aligns very closely with the theme of this year’s LGBTQ+ History Month which is Medicine – #UnderTheScope. Jesse and his partner speak very openly about the process they are going through currently to conceive a child, shining a light on the history of the LGBTQ+ community’s experience of receiving healthcare which has historically been extremely complicated, and LGBTQ+ people still face health inequalities today.

Portia Burch (She/Her)

With a focus on anti-racism and LGBTQ+ rights, Portia uses her platform to educate and inform her audience. Through engaging content, she tackles important topics such as boundary-setting, unlearning harmful biases, and embracing discomfort as a catalyst for growth.

As a self-proclaimed "hella gay" advocate, Portia has amassed a dedicated following of over 202k followers on TikTok and her inclusive approach resonates with those striving to become better allies in the fight for equality. In every video she shares, Portia Burch embodies authenticity, empathy, and a true commitment to striving for positive change in LGBTQ+ space.

Rudy Jean Rigg (They/He)

Australian creator and presenter Rudy is making waves on TikTok thanks to their ‘Rainbow History Class’. With a strong passion for education and advocacy, Rudy teaches their audience all about queer and trans stories from history.

Rainbow History Class has gained a huge 499.1k followers and 14 million likes, and has become a vital space for sharing narratives that inspire, validate, and bring joy to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. 

Through Rudy's influence and expertise, many have been educated and empowered to dive deeper into trans experiences throughout history whilst also being entertained.

Jake Daniels (He/Him)

Blackpool FC player, Jake Daniels, is truly breaking barriers in the world of sports. Despite the systemic issue of homophobia in football, Jake is fearlessly carving out a space for LGBTQ+ inclusion and acceptance.

Jake is the only openly gay men's footballer in England, and has recently turned to social media to confront the stereotype of football and bring awareness to the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals within the football community.

In an era where traditional celebrities often dominate social platforms, Jake stands out as an example of progress, using his influence to strive for understanding and solidarity. Brands including L’Oreal and EE have proudly partnered with Jake to further amplify his positive message. 

By incorporating diverse LGBTQ+ voices into your next campaign, this not only reflects true inclusivity but also demonstrates your brand's commitment to authenticity and representation.

If you want to connect with a diverse range of influencers for your next campaign, drop us an email at hello@digitalvoices.com to broaden your Influencer Marketing horizons. 

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