7 Black creators redefining the influencer space
October 3, 2022

7 Black creators redefining the influencer space

Black creators - in all their nuances - continue to inspire creativity and innovation when it comes to shaping digital culture. Whatever the social platform or vertical, these creators have a pull and originality that resonates with their audiences and beyond. For brands looking to work and build long-term partnerships with some of this talent outside of the constraints of Black History Month, Digital Voices have curated just some of the faces making a mark on the UK creator space…

Sarel Madzebra

The presenter and all-round entertainer gained recognition following her hilarious yet candid takes on pop and celebrity culture. In fact, her daily debriefs on ITV2’s 2022 season of Love Island established the comedian as the app’s go-to source for all things related to the series, earning her millions of views and a growing audience of engaged supporters. 

Known for: Hot cultural takes 

Reach: 756.5K

Platform: @cocosarel on TikTok

Nigel Kabvina

Making his TikTok debut in August 2021, Nigel’s aesthetic and sonically-pleasing visuals proved to be a success in drawing millions across the globe to engage with his food content. Leaning into the app’s versatility all while maintaining the lure of a mysterious roommate whom he cooks for has seen Nigel experiment with a range of innovative styles that continue to keep viewers tapped in.

Known for: Idyllic food visuals

Reach: 3.9M

Platform: @sxmplyni on TikTok

Mikaela Loach 

Mikaela’s efforts in climate justice saw her take the UK government to court in 2021 over the public payments given to oil and gas companies. Online, she has used her social platforms to raise awareness of the environmental movement and fight causes while also co-hosting the YIKES podcast with fellow activist Josephine Becker.

Known for: Environmental justice 

Reach: 141K

Platform: @mikaelaloach on Instagram

Simply Sayo

The spoken-word artist rose to prominence during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Her work explores current affairs, news and topical discussions, drawing inspiration from contemporary culture. Entering the world of audio, Sayo launched her original Spotify podcast titled Nailing It with fellow content creators Wunmi Bello and Priscilla Anyabu.

Known for: Satirical poetry  

Reach: 403.7K

Platform: @simply_sayo on TikTok

Temi Danso

Specialising in coloured pencil realistic drawings, Temi is an artist and engineer who shares drawing tips, tutorials and reviews on her YouTube channel. Posting a mixture of Shorts and long-form content has seen her page amass over 100 million views.

Known for: Artsy tips and rants 

Reach: 433K

Platform: Temi Danso Art on YouTube

David Larbi

Though the independent singer-songwriter has amassed a dedicated following for his creative lyrical analysis and song breakdowns, it doesn’t stop there. Spanning across many formats on TikTok, David’s content also features observational humour, parodies and cover song performances. In early 2022, he would also go on to release his debut EP through the platform’s distribution label, SoundOn.

Known for: Musical analysis 

Reach: 468.6K

Platform: @davidlarbi_ on TikTok

Madame Joyce

Host of the fast-growing podcast series Cocktails and Takeaways, Joyce is known for her entertaining takes and amusing conversations with fellow creators from the community. Covering pop culture, celebrity news and trending topics have seen snippets from her podcast consistently go viral on TikTok where she has amassed a loyal following.

Known for: Topical entertainment

Reach: 506.8K

Platform: @madamejoyce on Instagram

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