Alix Earle: TikTok’s overnight obsession
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Alix Earle: TikTok’s overnight obsession

Shannice Baynes
Shannice Baynes
Hot mess to hot success 🤩

Alix Earle, a Creator that had 2.5 million TikTok users hooked in December, reached a total audience of 3.7 million followers in the short period of just a month. The Miami-based model and student is known and loved for her chatty GRWM content, where she openly discusses real-life topics from breakups, birthdays and acne struggles all whilst perfecting her glam routine. Her followers often compare her short-form content to Facetiming with friends.

An astonishing 424.1M users have also viewed #AlixEarle on the platform. Other creators are also creating content discussing how her overnight TikTok success was achieved and how much she would charge for a post with her current figures, which has further amplified the hype! The hashtag #AlixEarleEffect has now reached 18.7M views.

Earle’s relatable approach highlights TikTok’s algorithm's preference for relatable content. Is this the key to overnight success?

Working with Alix Earle and BILT 📲

We first approached Earle for a brand deal when she had 429,000 followers and began our partnership together in December 2022 for BILT Incorporated - an app that provides 3D instructions to put together products and simplify the process of building furniture.

The campaign included an integrated TikTok video which has now reached 1.3 million views, 58K likes and 100% positive comment sentiment. 

What did we learn from running this TikTok campaign? 👇
  1. Give Creators the freedom to define the creative direction of the content and feature products in a way they want to. At Digital Voices, our onboarding calls with Creators are essential in developing ideas that work for both the brand and Creator. Creativity takes human work.
  1. TikTok is partly a numbers game. Spread your bets. We were lucky to find Alix when we did - she has had phenomenal growth. However, with the TikTok algorithm, you can never be 100% sure that one piece of content will succeed. Alix’s fee has - rightfully - drastically increased now. Work with a wide variety of creators, on multiple pieces of content, to maximise the chances of success.
  1. Get involved in the conversation. This video has 100% positive comment sentiment as Alix simply demonstrated to her audience that everyone can use BILT to make their lives a little easier. The BILT team were great and proactive at responding to comments and answering questions, which helps build trust among the audience.

If you would like to run a successful TikTok campaign, get in touch!

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