Listen Now To This Month’s Podcast

Listen Now To This Month’s Podcast

Kerry Meakins
Kerry Meakins

Whether you’re new to Influencer Marketing or looking to scale up your activity - working with a creator can be pivotal for campaign success. Influencers are at the forefront of your brand, and understanding their success and challenges gives you a deeper insight into the creator economy.  

We have relaunched our podcast - Creator: Behind the Influence; where every month our CEO chats to a creator about:

  • Why they've been successful
  • Challenges in the industry 
  • Balancing producing content to make money versus enjoyment
  • Content niches
  • Brands campaigns
  • Authenticity
  • Community building  

We release an episode every month, so subscribe now to find out what goes on behind the scenes of a Creator.

Episode 8: David Larbi

David Larbi is a creator, musician and TV presenter who shares a multitude of content across his TikTok and Instagram platforms, from lyrical analysis and comedy; to poetry surrounding topics of mental health and mindfulness.

In this episode of Creator: Behind the Influence, David reveals a turning point in his career, his own personal mantra and an exciting new opportunity he is working on with Netflix US!

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube.

Episode 7: Megan Short

Megan Short is a British YouTube, TikTok and Instagram creator who has shared her entire university experience with her online audience of over 105K subscribers. Megan now inspires and uplifts her community with travel, lifestyle and wellbeing-focused content across her social platforms as well as her very own podcast, ‘Life’s Your Bitch’.

We sat down with Megan in this episode of Creator: Behind the Influence to talk about the challenges of balancing university and being a creator, opinions on whether wellness influencers are taking trends too far, or are just being performative for social media.

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube.

Episode 6: Max Hovey

Max Hovey is a creator, writer and social activist on a mission to transform his own personal experiences into positive content to discuss topics surrounding LGBTQI+, body positivity and mental health with his collective audience of over 300K followers across both TikTok and Instagram.

In this episode, Max joins us to discuss the uphill battle of being an activist on social media, his journey from seeking social validation to finding peace with unpolished content, and the power that Only Fans gives to creators who are looking to celebrate sexuality. 

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube.

Episode 5: TomSka

TomSka, YouTube Creator with over 7.19M subscribers, most known for his comedy, cartoons and animated sketches including the asdfmovie series joins Digital Voices for our fourth episode of Creator: Behind the Influence. 

Tom reveals the truth about being a YouTuber his entire adult life and the challenges he has faced as the industry has evolved overtime such as, algorithmic trends, creative freedom and trust from brands and breaking ASA boundaries.

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube.

Episode 4: BambinoBecky

BambinoBecky, 24-year-old Welsh creator, best known for her ‘Strong Ones’ series and breakout success after collaborations with creators including KSI and True Geordie, joins this month's episode of Creator: Behind the Influence podcast.

Becky discusses her drive to become a successful YouTube creator from a young age, dealing with high expectations as a perfectionist and what's to come next!

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube

Episode 3: George Mason

George Mason has over 800k YouTube subscribers and is the self-proclaimed ‘Biggest Catfish of All Time’, who is best known for his prank and comedy videos. 

George joins Digital Voices in this episode of Creator: Behind the Influence, to discuss the challenges of finding his career path, starting a YouTube channel as an introvert and how he became a full-time content creator and part-time Harry Styles catfish!

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube.

Episode 2: Danny Lowney

Danny Lowney, founder of talent agency Sixteenth, joins CEO Jennifer Quigley-Jones on this episode of Creator: Behind the Influence. Danny founded the business at just 21 and over the past 5 years has grown it into one of the leading talent agencies. 

This episode looks behind influencers and focuses on the management helping influencers reach their goals. Danny delves into why he started the agency, how he helps creators plan out their careers for longevity and why he says no.

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube

Episode 1: Rowan Ellis 

Rowan Ellis has over 200k YouTube subscribers and creates regular video essays about LGBTQ+ pop culture and representation. She also has a TikTok channel with 35k followers and posts a range of short-form content - from book releases to taste tests. 

Rowan explains how she began her YouTube career, her commitment to educating viewers on LGBTQ+ issues, and what’s next in her life! 

Listen now. Or watch on YouTube

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