Celebrating Pride: Commitment to Inclusion and Representation
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Celebrating Pride: Commitment to Inclusion and Representation

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

As we embrace Pride Month, we are reminded of the vital importance of supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, not just in June, but all year round. 

Pride is more than a celebration – it's a call to action to ensure that our work as an Influencer Marketing agency reflects and amplifies diverse voices starting with our team, and reflected in our campaigns and client work too. 

Pride means contributing to a more inclusive world, where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued. 

This Pride month, we reveal what Pride means to our team, and share new LGBTQIA+ influencers to follow, as well as exploring the great brands that are supporting the LGBTQIA+ community all year round. 

What does Pride mean to our team? 

Stefanie Döhmann, Campaign Producer

“To me, Pride means that you are confident about certain parts of yourself - despite any fears you might have - and express them in a way that feels safe to you and your circumstance.”

Misha Oteng-Owusu, Campaign Producer

“Pride means a vibrant celebration of diversity and love in any form or shape. Pride inspires me to be uniquely myself and to enjoy the colorful world we live in. LGBTQAI+ community shows how much love they have for everyone and how important it is to be open to happiness.”

LGBTQ+ Creators to Follow

Cheddar Gorgeous is a Mancunian Cultural, an exceptional drag artist, and a Patron of George House Trust, dedicated to helping people living with HIV to live healthy and confident lives.

Tee and Drew are a husband and husband duo who captivate audiences with their lifestyle content on TikTok. Their videos celebrate their love for food, travel, and their unique experiences as an African, queer same-sex couple living in the UK. 

ContraPoints aka Natalie is a lesbian trans woman from the US who makes long video essays about various philosophical topics and frequently brings up queerness in her videos.

LGBTQ+ Musicians to Support

Jason Patel is an Alt-RnB/Pop Artist bringing many influences such as Indian classical music, bhajans, theatre, and the arts from his acting background into his music. Jason’s songs cover personal experiences as he sings of navigating his own life, all the while empowering others. He has supported Tia Kofi at Youth Music's Give a Gig Week and performed at Manchester Pride in 2023.

Cat Burns music became popular on TikTok during the first lockdown in 2020 – her single ‘Go’  soundtracked 1000s of videos on the app. Now, Cat continues to document her experiences as a queer, Black woman within her music and through short-form video content on TikTok. 

Kae Tempest is a non-binary spoken word performer, poet, recording artist, novelist and playwright. In their work, they focus on themes such as global inequality, capitalism, celebrity culture, environmentalism, the failure of politicians, urban gentrification. 

Brands supporting the LGBTQ+ Community 

Taimi is a dating app that caters to LGBTQI+ people in the US. We previously worked with Taimi to partner with an inclusive range of YouTube creators to produce sponsored videos, exclusive livestreams on the Taimi app and supporting Instagram stories to encourage their audience to discover Taimi, and position it as the most inclusive dating app on the market!

PROUD Beer is an authentically LGBTQ+ beer brand all year round that sends a direct donation of 20p to their LGBTQI+ charity partners with every beer purchase. No corporate jargon, no percentage of profits, just a bold and powerful statement of support for the community we love.

They have been able to fund hundreds of self-test HIV kits and materials for anti-bullying workshops in schools, help answer calls offering support and advice to our community and so much more.

Luxury fashion brand Coach has a rich history of contributing over £50 million to LGBTQ+ focused initiatives, as well as releasing multiple iconic Pride collections. Building upon this, the brand is maintaining its collaboration with the Hetrick-Martin Institute to provide ongoing support to queer and transgender youth.

We would love to chat with brands about how to make your campaigns more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ creators all year round! Email us at hello@digitalvoices.com

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