Confessions of a Paid Social Director 🛍️

Confessions of a Paid Social Director 🛍️

Alix Williams
Alix Williams

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a Paid Social Director each day? What makes them tick? How do they keep up with the rapidly changing pace of the social media sphere? 

Alix Williams is Digital Voices’ very own superstar Paid Social Director and is a fountain of knowledge that will never dry up. 

With more and more brands supplementing their influencer campaign organic creative with paid social now, Alix is here to provide guidance and share her very own confessions of a Paid Social Director. 

Confession: I love working with influencers for Paid Social campaigns.

You’re probably thinking “Yeah of course you do Alix, you work for an influencer agency so you’re biased”.

It’s true, working at Digital Voices keeps influencer activity at the forefront of my planning at times. However, influencers WORK.

Working for multiple agencies has shown me the power of influencers/creators, even when tested against conventional creatives at a conversion level.

Influencers have a stronger connection with your audience, and when combined as a holistic approach with paid, owned, and earned media you can produce great results. They already have a loyal fanbase who have a great deal of trust built in.

Your campaigns aren’t working? Maybe it’s because:
  1. The brand doesn’t align with the creator, allowing the audience to walk away without a second thought to the product or service you’re offering.
  2. The brief you sent out feels too scripted, or the guidelines you sent out don’t resonate with the influencers' personal brand, therefore don’t feel authentic.
  3. Your paid strategy doesn’t work with the influencer selection, therefore your content won’t integrate and perform well. Your shortlisting and strategy should be aligned and you should be having conversations at every checkpoint about paid and influencers.
  4. Lack of A/B testing against your audiences. Maybe your creator and messaging are great, but it’s not the right audience for your creator.
  5. You’ve got a great audience, but that particular creator isn’t resonating with them even though the creative and messaging are solid. Test your influencers at ad level.
  6. You’re not testing your content on both the creator's and brand channels. You can’t guarantee that the creator’s channel will always work best.

There are multiple reasons why the campaign isn’t working, but the overarching reason is not “influencers don’t work” regardless of their position in the funnel.

Want to know what you’re doing wrong with influencers and creators? Alix’s DMs are open, or, you can contact to learn from a team of experts about how influencers and paid social channels can work together for your brand.

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