Do we need an Influencer Marketing Agency for our next campaign?

Do we need an Influencer Marketing Agency for our next campaign?

Shannice Baynes
Shannice Baynes

If you’re questioning whether you need an external agency in addition to your in-house marketing team, put simply - you don’t. However, if your strategy is to trial Influencer Marketing as a new channel, or you haven’t got the results you are looking for so far, how can you truly know what works for your brand without engaging with a specialist agency and a team of experts? It’s the same reason that some of the biggest companies in the world ask us to run their influencer activity, even though they have in-house teams too! 

Advantages of working with an Influencer Marketing agency
  • Testing new channels and tactics  
  • Scaling in different verticals or countries
  • In-depth reporting 

We like to work as an extension of your in-house marketing team, which helps you scale your activity and run a fully optimised influencer strategy without requiring a huge time investment from your in-house team.

Here’s how:

Testing new channels and tactics 

Working with an agency allows you to take the time to explore and experiment with new channels and be creative with the content to tune into critical conversations. Our expert team at Digital Voices can test, refine and scale on the method that suits you best. A great example tapping into audiences on platforms such as Twitch and Discord.

We can also conduct A/B tests on your CTAs to ensure you are getting the best results. 

Data-led strategies

An agency can use balanced strategies of gold-standard data insights and human creativity to win the trust of your target customers and meet your KPIs. Our expert knowledge and proprietary data from historical campaigns mean we guarantee organic CPM results. If we don’t hit these results, we spend our agency fee on commissioning organic content until we reach them or return our agency fee.


The benefits of working with an agency is that we will provide comprehensive reports to evaluate the success of each campaign, measure the comparison between influencer partnerships and community sentiments, as well as delivering the next steps to continue improving results.

Localising content for different markets

Localising your creator campaign content allows you to nurture deeper connections with your audience and reach higher engagement levels. Cultural nuances and the customer understanding of a product can vary so different strategies and different creators should be used. Working with an agency who create global Influencer Marketing campaigns and has international teams allows you to successfully tap into relevant locations and open up opportunities to connect with new audiences.

Creative strategy 

Our strategy team can use insights to build out creative ideas and standout campaigns that you might not think of in your day-to-day marketing role. Partnering with an external agency can be highly beneficial for your brand, investing in creativity and innovation can improve audience engagement levels. Discover our previous work here.

If you want to work with an agency partner on your next campaign, get in touch.

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