Empowering Singles with Bumble through Influencer Partnerships

Empowering Singles with Bumble through Influencer Partnerships

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

In today's society, dating apps are a popular way to connect with like-minded people, whether you’re looking for a casual date or a life-long partner. 

According to Forbes, nearly 70% of individuals who have met someone on a dating app said it led to a romantic, exclusive relationship. And the popularity of dating apps further increases amongst the LGBTQ+ community with 55% of LGBTQ adults saying they have used a dating app, compared to 28% of straight adults, according to Pew Research

Engaging new audiences

Influencer Marketing offers a unique opportunity for dating apps to reach new users authentically and effectively. 

Just as the core principle of a dating app is to connect individuals with like-minded people, Influencer Marketing operates on the premise of connecting brands with audiences who share common interests and values.

By leveraging influencers who resonate with your target demographic, you can:

  • Tap into niche communities: Influencer Marketing allows dating apps to reach specific niche communities that are brand-adjacent, catering to their interests. LGBTQ+ people and Black and Hispanic communities are amongst those who have created safe spaces online to connect over shared interests and personal experiences such as dating and relationships. 
  • Tailor content to resonate on each platform: Dating content is very popular among Gen Z and Millennials on TikTok. Trends are often set on the platform with users posting content from TikTok onto other apps. 

    By engaging with influencers across YouTube and Instagram too, content can be tailored to align with already popular social content formats such as story times on TikTok, get ready with me videos on YouTube, and comedy skits on Instagram. 
  • Embed into trends: Riding the wave of online trends and getting your brand in sync is a great way to stay in the loop with Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

Jumping on trending sounds, following popular creators, and keeping tabs on trending hashtags will ensure your dating platform is well-positioned to embed into culture conversations.

Ultimately, Influencer Marketing serves as a natural extension of the dating app's mission, making it an ideal strategy to attract and engage new users.

Engaging the LGBTQIA+ community

Historically, Hinge has been perceived as a Heteronoramative dating app to LGBTQIA+ singles. Unlike their straight or cis counterparts, there are less accessible resources for LGBTQIA+ folks to explore when it comes to their identity, dating, and relationship lives.

To address this issue, Hinge set out to create a program called NFAQ (Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions). NFAQ is an untraditional Q&A resource addressing the questions the queer community need answered the most.

We partnered with 7 influencers based in the US who were cultural catalysts within their communities. 

Shahem Mclaurin, Mimi Zhuxiyuan, and Masami Hosono were amongst the influencer roster who chose NFAQs that they felt strongly about and shared their answers on either TikTok and/or Instagram. 

The highlight of the campaign was the murals and billboards throughout key cities across the US that took the Hinge campaign off of social media, and into the real world, showing how influencers and OOH can come together to make an impact. 

It was key that we represented people of different races, genders, and sexualities within the campaign to accurately reflect our society and create a safe and public space for the LGBTQIA+ community to ask questions about dating and relationships.

The Bumble buzz

Global dating app Bumble has 58 million active users, 2.4 million of which subscribe to the app’s premium features. 

72% of Bumble users are under 35, so when targeting new audiences to engage with the app, it’s essential to tap into the interests of Gen Z and Millennials. 

As a dating app dedicated to empowerment, Bumble recognizes the importance of embracing diversity within our society. Influencers play a pivotal role in capturing the unique essence of our diverse communities. Through social media, individuals from all walks of life, including those from niche communities, have a platform to share their voices and experiences.

Leaning into Bumble’s mission to empower, and giving everyone confidence in dating no matter their gender or background, Women’s History Month in March was the perfect time to share the message of empowering women in dating. Influencers took the lead, showcasing the benefits of Bumble in a way that resonated with their audience.

We worked with Bumble to partner with brand-aligned influencers in the US to engage new audiences with the app, showcasing its features and membership options. 

Mind-blowing creativity 

Satoma’s epic illustrations never miss! She put pen to paper (or stylus to tablet) to speak to her followers about some of their common dating hurdles, explaining how Bumble’s features can eliminate so many of these. 

Don’t want your co-workers to see your dating app profile? Bumble has you covered. 

@sa.tomaa #ad It’s Women’s History Month so girlies don’t be scared to make that first move 😉🧡 @Bumble #Bumble #BumblePartner ♬ Dove - niquo

Humorous dating stories

Mami Ari created this humorous skit reenacting some of the bad pickup lines men have used on her, then breathing a sigh of relief thanks to Bumble’s feature that empowers women to make the first move. 

Her audience shared their own experiences with Bumble in the comments, further enhancing brand engagement.

@mamaa.arii #ad We’re setting standards and making the first move all 2024 with @Bumble. #Bumble #BumblePartner ♬ original sound - ARI 🧜🏾‍♀️

Don’t sleep on long-form content

It’s not all about short-form! The wonderful Michelle Amoré shared her cozy lie update video on YouTube and spoke about how she met her husband on Bumble. 

Sharing influencers' real relationship success stories as well as empowering singles communicates how the dating app works for those looking for a life partner, or something casual.

As we continue to work with Bumble throughout 2024, you can expect to see a lot more content like this, weaving the Bumble brand into cultural moments. Influencer marketing has proven to be an invaluable tool for dating apps like Bumble, offering adaptability, authenticity, and versatility.

If you want to learn more about connecting with niche communities and consistently engaging Gen Z and Millenial audiences, drop us an email at hello@digitalvoices.com.

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