How to embed your brand into culture with influencers
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How to embed your brand into culture with influencers

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

In 2024, if you want your brand to attract the attention of Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences, you need to be culturally relevant. 

Take CeraVe’s viral Super Bowl ad. 

The Super Bowl is more than just a sporting event where touchdowns meet tunes. The halftime shows competitive ad slots drive huge cultural moments, and allow brands to nestle in and join the conversation. 

During the 2024 Super Bowl, CeraVe executed a masterclass in provoking online conversation and inserting themselves into a cultural moment with their ad campaign. 

The skincare company centered their advertisement on a Reddit discussion from seven years ago, which speculated about any connection between Michael Cera and their brand. In the current year, CeraVe collaborated with Michael Cera to create the ad, along with maintaining a cohesive content strategy across various platforms. This included pre-planned 'statements' refuting his association with the brand and staged paparazzi images of Cera purchasing Cerave products. Additionally, CeraVe teamed up with several content creators to amplify the campaign.

However, if you don’t have access to celebs like Michael Cera or the $7 million budget for a 30-second ad slot influencers could be your lucky charm…

Learn from the best

Duolingo is an online engagement powerhouse, fueled by its beloved mascot, Duo, and a savvy social media strategy.

Duo's social media strategy, largely focusing on Influencer Marketing activity heavily focuses on engaging audiences through humor. Duolingo's social media team and agency partners such as Digital Voices use content comments for creative inspiration, enabling the brand to seamlessly integrate into diverse online conversations.

A standout example of this agile approach is Duolingo's collaboration with the viral sensation, Scrubdaddy, forming an ongoing partnership that generates engaging content for both brands.

In today’s digital landscape, Duolingo's mastery of online engagement, powered by Duo, continues to captivate and inspire a youthful audience. 

May the odds be ever in your favor

Lionsgate were quick to jump on a cultural trend surrounding the launch of their new Hunger Games movie at the end of 2023. After after an eight-year hiatus, Lionsgate needed to make a splash to spark the interest of those already invested in the franchise, and attract new fans. 

We worked with Lionsgate to ensure their influencer partners, who would create content in the lead-up to the movie launch, were brand-aligned and would spark conversation online. One of our partners, the macro-influencer known as "Tube Girl," made a splash on the red carpet in London, sparking viral conversations on TikTok and Instagram. This collaboration not only built excitement for the movie but also sparked wider discussions, firmly embedding "The Hunger Games" in contemporary culture.

Are you ready to embed your brand into culture? To explore the ways the influencers can enhance your brand message, and tap into new and emerging audiences, sign up to attend our round table breakfast event at SXSW!

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From chatting about influencers taking on Hollywood and what it means for your brand, to how micro-influencers can reach niche communities, this session is all about making sure your brand is a front-runner. 

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