How to Optimize Your Brands Performance Through Influencer Marketing

How to Optimize Your Brands Performance Through Influencer Marketing

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Influencer campaigns are increasingly being based on performance and measurable results, rather than just brand awareness or social engagement – particularly in tough economic times! It’s important to know that your marketing investments are worthwhile. 

So, how do you drive performance using influencers? 
  • Full-Funnel
    Influencer Marketing campaigns can deliver on every aspect of the traditional marketing funnel. Different platforms have different strengths. By developing a considered cross-platform Influencer Marketing strategy, you can deliver on multiple KPIs. For example, YouTube integrations are great for delivering trackable conversions.
  • Test and Learn
    Brands can test different influencer verticals and genres to drive success from unexpected places as well as analyze historic content and results to understand what drives conversions. Thorough research will allow you to establish a CPA or ROI that will be the benchmark to hit and improve on for future activations. A small percentage of your budget should be allocated to testing new approaches, platforms and tapping into trends. 
  • Audience Data
    Selecting the right creators to partner with that align with your brand is essential. A variety of data tools and proprietary data is out there to help you make informed decisions. Digital Voices has extensive historic campaign ROI and CPA data on thousands of influencers that tells us how successful a potential partnership could be, as well as how to build an effective strategy around these insights.
  • Blended Approach
    Take a blended campaign approach, using influencer content organically and in paid advertising, to make your spend go further. Brands should gain usage rights to increase results, as authentic and relatable influencer content featured in paid ads can perform up to 40% better than a brand’s standard paid activations. Paid ads can also be highly targeted to specific locations, demographics, or interests. You can also choose a variety of influencers that appeal to a broad and diverse range of target customers. These ads can either re-target audiences who are familiar with the influencer or access a wider audience – unfamiliar with the influencer or brand. 
  • Focus on Conversions
    You can launch a well-executed campaign, but if the customer lands on your website, you need to ensure there is no barrier to them converting. Conduct conversion optimization on your user journeys targeted can be implemented towards traffic from your Influencer Marketing campaigns. This can alter your website experience to guarantee results. Additionally, custom microsites for influencers give landing pages a more personalized feel to increase influencer-brand alignment and conversion rates. 
  • Measurement
    Craft a measurement framework tailored to your KPIs. You need to think about the entire customer journey. UTM links, discount codes, and custom microsites can offer valuable insights into the performance of content. 

Implementing performance media tactics into your Influencer Marketing campaigns will not only drive results for your brand but provide you with the data and insights that will allow you to make the informed decision to invest further in influencers in the future. 

Digital Voices’ team of expert creative strategists, paid social specialists, and campaign team who are invested in the power of influencers are the missing puzzle piece that your brand may need to bring the most out of your Influencer Marketing investment. Drop us a message at and we will help you skyrocket to success.

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