Influencer IRL: Integrating OOH and Influencer Marketing to Engage Gen Z

Influencer IRL: Integrating OOH and Influencer Marketing to Engage Gen Z

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Influencer Marketing isn’t just for social media. Your brand will see success in its Out-Of-Home (OOH) activations, making them more impactful, and more engaging.

Integrating influencers and OOH activities can help your brand expand its reach and visibility, and help to build trust amongst consumers thanks to the authenticity influencers provide. By diversifying your channels and leaning into the big impact that OOH champions and audiences’ recognition of influencers, you increase your chances and ability to target specific audiences and encourage them to take action.

What is integrated marketing? 

Integrated marketing merges diverse channels and methods to craft a unified message for a specific audience. By blending advertising, PR, social media, and more, it ensures a seamless brand experience across platforms, enhancing brand identity and boosting marketing effectiveness.

Integrated marketing is effective because it:

  • Amplifies reach and authenticity
  • Maximizes asset use across touchpoints
  • Encourages cross-channel integration 
  • Allows for targeted messaging 
  • Provides contextual relevance
  • Drives performance and ROI in a cookieless future
Retaining results in a cookieless world with OOH

We will be diving into all things cookies at a later date, but for now, it’s important to know how to elevate your Influencer Marketing strategy beyond cookie constraints by exploring diverse avenues like Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.

OOH advertising includes anything from billboards, transit ads, and other public space promotions, offering fresh opportunities amidst evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements.

A study on out-of-home (OOH) advertising released estimates that…

  • 88% of adults notice OOH ads
  • 80% of those viewers are inspired to take action
  • 78% of consumers have engaged with an OOH ad in the last 60 days

Following on from that, 31% of adults are more likely to purchase a product/service with a familiar influencer, creator, or celebrity in an OOH ad. The demographics with the highest likelihood to take this action sit among ages 30-44 (+31), post-grad degree (+31), or HHI $100K+ (+35).

Social + OOH = A match made in heaven

OOH can influence your online channels too…

*The expected level is a factor of OOH only and Facebook only 1.11 x 1.20 + 1.33.

Brands can leverage the power of OOH by executing a cohesive “phygital” – physical and digital – omnichannel marketing strategy. In particular, by combining geolocation data provided by GPS or beacon technology with mobile extension programs (such as geofencing), brands can re-target an audience they’ve already impressed with OOH ads via their mobile devices.

By combining Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) with social, you can:

  • Boost spontaneous brand recall on social by +133%
  • Boost engagement on social by +52%
  • Increase the time an ad is viewed by +192%
Hinge’s success story

To position Hinge as an LGBTQ+-friendly dating app, and spark cultural conversation, we sourced 7 US-based creators and cultural catalysts to produce social content surrounding NFAQ (Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions). NFAQ is an untraditional Q+A resource addressing the questions the queer community need answered the most.

Paid usage rights were negotiated for Hinge to share all NFAQ answers via brand-owned channels, billboards, and murals throughout key cities across the US. The campaign drove mass brand awareness for Hinge resulting in the organic resharing of content. 

The partnership between Hinge and popular influencers not only boosted the exposure of NFAQ but also kickstarted some real talk on social media, tapping into Gen Z and millennials to spread the app's LGBTQ+ positive message. It's a solid example of how influencers and public figures can mix it up with out-of-home (OOH) ads to make a splash and get people chatting.

Engaging Gen Z

Gen Z, notorious for skipping online ads, surprisingly trusts Out-of-Home (OOH) ads, with 58% showing faith in brand messages displayed outdoors. This shift emphasizes the evolution of Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, catering to tech-savvy Gen Zers seeking an escape from online tracking.

Gen Zs are typically exposed to the same OOH advertisement at least 6 times:

  • 95% of them recall the advertisement
  • 91% remember the content of the advertisement 
  • 89% remember the brand
  • 89% engage with the advertisement otherwise

The possibilities to engage Gen Z by integrating Influencer Marketing with OOH are endless. We can help you solidify your aims, develop an integrated strategy that aligns with your brand, and execute an influencer-driven solution to your OOH visions. To learn more, send us an email at

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