Instagram copies another BeReal feature in latest testing
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Instagram copies another BeReal feature in latest testing

Jennifer Adetoro
Jennifer Adetoro
Instagram copies another BeReal feature in latest testing | Digital Roundup 

It’s safe to say BeReal has become somewhat of a threat to Instagram, so, it’s no surprise the company is taking measures to curb this before its growing popularity goes any further. In addition to its recently launched Dual camera feature, Meta has confirmed that it is prototyping a new feature called IG Candid Challenges.

While the Dual feature allows you to take a photo or video from both your phone’s front and rear camera simultaneously, IG Candid Challenges will prompt users to share an authentic photo at a random time each day. Both features encompass the core aspects of the app, which has seen BeReal rise to prominence and top the iOS App Store last month.

While there is no confirmation on when the feature will become available or if it even releases at all, looking at Meta’s history, there’s no doubt Instagram will eventually roll out its competition, especially if BeReal continues at the rate it’s going.

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