Intimacy meets influencer ❤️‍🔥 Can social media break down sex toy taboo?
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Intimacy meets influencer ❤️‍🔥 Can social media break down sex toy taboo?

Shannice Baynes
Shannice Baynes

It’s our ✨pleasure✨ to remind you that May is officially National Masturbation Month. With a growing interest and transparency surrounding the topic of sexual well-being it’s no surprise that the influencer economy has become a platform for sex educators and sex toy companies to collectively work towards a mission of breaking down archaic taboos and advertising restrictions. But how far have we come?

Brands breaking down self-love stigma 🫶

Social media has become a pivotal tool for education for all topics. However, since Google searches for “sex positivity” began increasing around 2015, sex-ed influencers also began to rise. Today, many sex-positive influencers are increasingly working to create a safe space through informative and empowering content. 

The popularity of Only Fans has only made it more comfortable for creators to embrace their sexuality across social media platforms.

Brands are beginning to understand this new openness to sex and the curiosity of consumers who want to know more.  Brands are partnering with influencers to collaboratively break down the taboo of self-pleasure and to drive sales. We have selected some of our most loved partnerships…

Max Hovey x Lovehoney

Max Hovey is a creator, writer, and social activist on a mission to break down the stigma around taboo topics including sex education and body positivity. Max uses his platform to transform his personal experiences into positive content for his collective audience of over 351K followers across both TikTok and Instagram.

His partnerships with Lovehoney champion sexual empowerment, and his short-form content encourages his audience to explore Lovehoney’s range of sex toys without the sense of feeling ashamed. Max also expresses his positive experience and how feeling confident sexually has boosted his overall body positivity and mental well-being. 

Discover more about his uphill battle as a sex activist in our recent episode of Creator: Behind the Influence.

Hannah Witton x CHEEX

Hannah Witton is a YouTube sex educator, relationship adviser, and host of her very own podcast ‘Doing It’ where she shares juicy advice in a curious, non-judgmental, and ‘nerdy’ approach. Her videos are inclusive and often explore the importance of accessible sexual advice for all communities.

Hannah's recent sex positivity campaign saw her team up with CHEEX to give her audience an exclusive discount on the ethical porn subscription-based company. CHEEX aims to create porn based on fair pay and ethical conditions for sex workers from diverse sexualities, gender identities, and body types, using her platform to amplify less-heard voices.

The Impact 🍆

Sex-ed influencer marketing campaigns are central in paving the way for open and honest conversations, to help online communities form healthier relationships not only with others but also themselves.

The integrity that influencers provide is highly beneficial for sex toy sales. Not only is short-form content a highly effective way to express knowledge passionately, but providing insights into the most private part of the creator's lives allows online communities to feel more connected to both the brand and the creator. Yes sex sells, but trust sells better!

However, it’s important to not be entirely naive when entering the space as Instagram and TikTok’s censorship programs are strict! 

Last year, Lovehoney endured a long-term fight against Google and Instagram as a result of their damaging search and ad policies to the brand’s marketing efforts.

Unnecessary censorship of social media accounts that are deemed ‘inappropriate’ has led to protests to raise awareness of the importance of educating users outside of the old-school curriculum norms.

We believe in using the power of influencers and the right to self-love. If you want to join forces with influencers to help break down taboos and drive sales for your brand, get in touch to discuss your project!

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