Lockdown Lift Up 2.0
February 10, 2021

Lockdown Lift Up 2.0

Welcome to week two of Digital Voices’ Lockdown Lift Up. It’s a new week, which means a new chance for you to deep dive into the team’s binge worthy YouTube recommendations from the past week.  Let us lift your mood with some seriously entertaining suggestions including a blind foodie taste test, creator sound and music hacks, wanderlust inspiration and more!

Check out the videos that caught our eye this week...

Keltie O’Connor

We love following Keltie along on her crazy journeys where she takes on mega challenges and tries all the latest trends.  Whether it’s a new workout or examining the routines of celebrities, Keltie is always up for a grueling challenge.  In this video, Keltie buys every single fitness ad Instagram serves her, as she experiments with the good, the bad and the ugly of fitness and weight-loss marketing. We’re talking Pelotons, fit scales, de bloat pills, booty sculpting creams and everything in between. Keltie may not have realised how much money this video was going to cost her, but we love her honest reviews of the products and we are happy to say we won’t be falling for any fad-diet marketing scams anytime soon.  

D’Angelo Wallace

Content creator D’Angelo Wallace’s channel is our go to when we’re looking to satisfy our guilty pleasure which is catching up on the latest TikTok drama. In this video, Wallace calls out several celebrities that are ignoring lockdown rules including the Kardashian’s, famous TikTokers and YouTube stars. “I tried to be nice,” D’Angelo said at the start of the video. He considered not naming names, but decided he shouldn’t be “polite to people who can’t even find enough compassion within themselves to not endanger the lives of everyone around them.” The honesty in this video had over 3 million gripped as YouTube fans were no doubt glued to their screens to watch the chaos unfold.  It’s his unapologetic honestness and his cheeky demeanour for us!  

Sailing La Vegabonde

Another week in lockdown, another week searching for ways to fulfil our travel wanderlust without leaving the house. Cue our favourite Aussie couple who dream of circumnavigating the globe by sailboat, initially having no clue of how to sail.  Their latest video takes us through the ups of exploring places like Porto Santo in the beautiful sun, and the downs of some difficult sailing while stuck on board with a screaming toddler.  The dynamic duo give us full disclosure on their nomadic lifestyle, and while this might not be what we had in mind for our first post-lock down getaway, this video has inspired us to dream big. WFB (working from boat) anyone?


When we’re not eating during lockdown, we’re watching YouTube videos of other people eating. You may have already mastered your own sourdough, or baked 12 different types of banana bread, but have you discovered We'reGonnaEatStuff on YouTube? Married couple Daina and Ahmet have created a food channel where they do Mukbangs, reviews, trying for the first time, and anything else related to food.  This video is a blind taste test of name brand vs. store brand snacks, which gave us a great idea for our next lockdown activity. We were lucky enough to work with Daina and Ahmet on our recent campaign with Pouch - check out the video here.

Dan Mace

With over 780K subscribers to his YouTube channel, Dan Mace has gone from award-winning young director to internet superstar.  In his latest video, Mace shares some of his creator sound and music hacks, using his knowledge he has learned through 10 years in the film industry.  This video couldn’t have come at a better time and is a must watch for anyone looking to advance their filming skills or in search of a new lockdown hobby.  This video is part of Mace’s new monthly series ‘CREATOR HACKS’ where he focuses on everything you need to know within one department of the filmmaking process. Mace’s style as a director shines through his videos which are both innovative and imaginative.

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