Making Influencer Marketing Climate Positive 🪴
February 15, 2023

Making Influencer Marketing Climate Positive 🪴

Did you know that the internet creates more carbon than the aviation industry, accounting for up to 5.9% of global emissions and on track to double by 2025. 

The internet isn’t as invisible as we all think. Behind the screens of all the softwares and applications we use everyday is a global network of digital infrastructure systems. Subsea cables, satellites, subterranean fiber, high-security data centers. This vast network demands energy, a lot of it, and is largely powered by non-renewable sources. Adding up to a big  1.6 billion tonnes of CO2e a year problem.

Influencer Marketing can account for a large portion of this. So, we have partnered with Carbon Fingerprint - a digital carbon calculator and carbon offset marketplace - for brands who want their campaigns to be sustainable.

It means you can make your Influencer Marketing campaigns climate positive by funding reforestation, direct carbon capture, and renewable energy projects.

How does it work?

1 | Estimate emissions

Based on predicted performance, we will estimate the cost for you to offset the carbon produced as part of a campaign.

2 | Commit to carbon offsetting

This gives you the opportunity to commit to funding reforestation, direct carbon capture, and renewable energy projects.

3 | Celebrate being sustainable

Upon completion of the campaign, we will calculate the true cost of offsetting the Influencer Marketing activity, and include this addition when invoicing.

All that’s left to do now is to shout about the carbon offsetting projects you’ve funded!

If you’re looking to offset the carbon emissions of your next campaign, get in touch! Let’s work together for the future of the planet 🌳

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