Meet Danielle Weaver, Sales VP at Digital Voices
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Meet Danielle Weaver, Sales VP at Digital Voices

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Danielle Weaver has joined global Influencer Marketing agency Digital Voices as VP of Sales. She will develop a new roster of global clients for the agency and lead the agency’s sales organization, collaborating with the wider team to drive impactful strategies for our global clientele.

Danielle joins Digital Voices with 15 years in the marketing and branded content space and most recently from SuperAwesome where she worked for 6+ years to make the internet safer for kids. During her time at SuperAwesome, she spent time in roles including VP of Sales and Head of Industry positions leading partnership efforts for the Tech & Gaming category and most recently the Food & Beverage category.

Danielle says: “Joining Digital Voices isn't just about a career move for me—it's about aligning myself with a company that shares my values and commitment to excellence. As I look ahead, I'm eager to bring my expertise to the table, help drive Digital Voices' vision forward and supercharge growth. Digital Voices’ commitment to elevating the creator economy and approach to servicing clients with a ‘when you win, we win’ mindset is particularly unique in the creator space.” 

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What’s next in Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer-led businesses will continue to grow and force traditional content sources, like publishers, to evolve and invest in influencer-led businesses. The influence and trust that so many creators now harness through their tight-knit communities coupled with sharpened business acumen and maturity of the market are powering this tidal wave of change and it’s exciting to see! 

Brands who understand that investing in creators that celebrate the diversity of the customer bases you are trying to reach stand to benefit from this shift. There are some amazing examples of this happening in the gaming and metaverse space. 

What are you excited to do at Digital Voices?

I’ve never had the opportunity to work within a full-service agency like Digital Voices before. What excites me most is the level of trust and intimacy inherent in aligning our business with our client’s successes. In the agency-of-record structure, there's a deep partnership where we work hand-in-hand with clients to achieve their goals. 

There are a handful of Digital Voices’ strongest client partnerships that stand out due to the deep level of collaboration. We have visibility into conversion metrics, allowing us to fine-tune strategies in real time and allocate budgets reactively to amplify the most successful tactics. The idea of scaling this approach to serve more clients, and solve brand marketers' challenges - that's what truly excites me about joining Digital Voices.

What are some of the common misconceptions brands have about marketing to Gen Z? 

One common misconception brands have about marketing to Gen Z is thinking of them as one segment. Gen Z ranges from 13 up to 24, depending on which definition you are reading and their characteristics, preferences and behaviors vary widely.

For instance, a 13-year-old Gen Zer will have very different interests and digital habits compared to a 24-year-old who is navigating college or starting their career. When you consider the wide developmental ranges present within this cohort on top of cultural backgrounds, niche interests and location influence, you have so much to consider as a marketer. Ignoring this developmental range and diversity within Gen Z leads to missed opportunities and waste for marketers. 

Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn to follow her journey at Digital Voices!

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