Paid Social: A Powerful Tool 💸
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Paid Social: A Powerful Tool 💸

Shannice Baynes
Shannice Baynes

Our Paid Social Director, Alix, delves deep into the must-know tips and tricks to amplify your Paid Social strategy:

Paid Social put simply

Paid Social is sponsored advertising through various third-party social media platforms, by putting money behind your posts to extend the reach and hit your predetermined objective.

This method of advertising is very disruptive in nature, unlike search advertising, the audience doesn’t have any intent to search for products or services. The challenge is to capture your audience’s attention in a mindset where they aren’t actively searching for your brand.

How do Paid Social and Influencer Marketing work together?

You’ve gone to all the effort to launch a show-stopping campaign by careful creator selection with your brand, so why limit it to only your creator’s audience? Pairing with Paid Social, Influencer Marketing becomes super-charged as your campaign is exposed to a carefully tailored, expanded audience that isn’t achievable without a paid budget and maximizes the reach.

How can Digital Voices support your Paid Social strategy?

It doesn’t just stop at “boosting” posts. We believe in a full-funnel approach here at Digital Voices because creators can impact every level of the consumer journey.

To get the most out of your brand's marketing efforts, this also includes: auditing current Paid Social strategies and tailoring a new approach that brings influencers into the heart of your campaigns; end-to-end campaigns which include planning, execution, optimization and insights to get the most out of your brand to increase your sales efforts and increase your reach.

How are influencers transforming the landscape of Paid Social?

Right now, influencer and UGC content are working for many of us in the Paid Social space - the majority of our lower funnel activation campaigns have this type of creative because it has the best ROAS, and the ability to scale this creative is great by trialing different angles, hooks, creators, call to actions, key selling points and more. 

The numbers speak for themselves! 

Tips for brands!

Start with one social channel, one where you have thorough knowledge about your audience. Keep your audiences broad because narrowing them down is easier than opening them up!

Finally make sure your creative is the most crucial part of your ad build, regardless of whether the platform uses a full-screen visual format because this is the first place your eyes draw attention to.

Getting the best from TikTok Ads

TikTok is all about culture, and generally polished and refined content sticks out like a sore thumb - and not in a positive way. The younger the generation consuming the media, the more switched on they are about how authentic your content is and won’t engage with anything that isn’t believable. 

Additionally, when it comes to your ads, focus on the framework of your creative. This is your hook, reward, USPs and CTAs. Your hook should grab the initial attention of your audience, the reward will keep your audience engaged, the USPs will drive curiosity and the call to action will close the deal to your audience taking action.

Looking for further guidance on your Paid Social influencer marketing campaigns? We’re here to help!

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