Put influencers in OOH advertising to elevate your campaigns 🙌

Put influencers in OOH advertising to elevate your campaigns 🙌

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Out of Home (OOH) advertising is quite literally all around us. From billboards to bus stop displays, we’re constantly being influenced by the marketing activity around us. 

You may be wondering how working with influencers, who are primarily present on social media, and OOH ads can work together.

Influencers are great for OOH campaigns thanks to their recognition, they’re truly becoming the next celebrities, especially amongst Gen Z. In fact, research from JCDecaux shows that 84% of Gen Z "pay attention" to Out-of-Home advertising, and 89% engage with the advertisement otherwise eg. on social media. 

Gen Z loves influencers, and the stats show that they’re also engaging with OOH ads too, meaning the combination has the potential to be a match made in heaven. 

Our strategy team at Digital Voices wanted to explore the capabilities further, so reached out to JCDecaux, the global leader in outdoor advertising, to delve into the integration of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising with social media, specifically targeting Gen Z. 

How can you reach Gen Z?

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to targeting Gen Z consumers. With Gen Z-ers ranging in age from 13-16, there are different points to consider when looking to target your desired audience.

JCDecaux has done a lot of research into the Gen Z life journey as part of the company’s ‘Gengage’ project that aims to help brands target this younger generation through OOH ads.

From our own research, and through further education from JCDecaux, we know that despite the variation in age and interests, there are 4 key things that resonate with Gen Z as a whole:

  • Authenticity and purpose 
  • Personalization and co-creation
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Digital experience and innovation 
Combining DOOH with social

With an understanding of what makes Gen Z tick, the benefits of combining DOOH and social become clearer. For example, when an audience is primed first by an OOH ad, spontaneous brand recall on social media soars by +133%, and engagement on social platforms surges by +52%.

Additionally, innovative tactics like QR codes, NFC tags, scented immersion zones, and weather-triggered ads enhance the online shareability of your OOH campaign.

Seeing the magic in action

Digital Voices are already experimenting with influencers in OOH campaigns! We worked with Hinge on an OOH billboard campaign across London and New York, which was all about creating a safe and public space for asking not-so Frequently Asked LGBTQ dating questions.

Billboard from Hinge OOO Campaign

Hinge understood that the power of influencers is their relatability, authenticity, and diversity. This translates beyond social media. We worked with 7 influencers who were cultural catalysts within their communities for this campaign, and we can’t wait to explore new ways to work with influencers in traditional advertising settings.

Looking at DOOH too, earlier this year, CeraVe, a brand by L'Oreal, displayed TikTok video ads in Times Square on a massive 2-screen display covering 10,500 square feet. The ads featured TikTok influencers using the CeraVe face wash, grabbing the attention of the many passers-by. 

One of the creators involved, Niamh Adkins, posted a TikTok video showcasing her billboard feature, which achieved an impressive 2.7 million impressions, emphasizing how social and DOOH can be integrated so seamlessly and successfully. 

Exploring how OOH advertising can support social activations to engage Gen Z is a no-brainer, right? 

We are keen to talk to brands who want to explore putting influencers in OOH and DOOH advertising, along with their social media campaign. If you’re interested, reach out to hello@digitalvoices.com

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