Sparking the idea for Frozen Frubes 🍦
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Sparking the idea for Frozen Frubes 🍦

Shannice Baynes
Shannice Baynes

Last year, we partnered up with everyone’s favorite yogurt in a tube - Frubes! We created a spookily successful campaign for Halloween! 

The aim of the campaign was to drive mass awareness and excitement about the new Frubes tubes by showcasing the packaging, tube designs, and hauntingly hilarious jokes created for Halloween.

Our goal was to captivate audiences of parents, engaging them with thumb-stopping and highly shareable content that demonstrates the numerous benefits of the yogurts and supports Frubes’ global Halloween activations.

The target was to hit 500,000 Instagram Impressions. We partnered with 4 creators from different backgrounds, locations and ages to send out a clear message that Frubes is for everyone. This included The Radford Family, DadVgirls, Casey Barker and Harps Kaur. Each creator was already a fan of Frubes for their kids so they were instantly convinced of Frubes’ value and could share their trust and passion for the brand with their audience.  

Each creator produced a video on Instagram Reels and Stories, recreating the staring challenge trend and showing the kids at the center of the content. The creators genuinely had fun while creating the content, highlighting how Frubes can bring fun to snack time, which was an essential element to the campaign’s success. Seeing kids and parents share a special moment together reading jokes, dressing up together or having a staring contest felt heartwarming, fun and very engaging for the creators’ audiences. 

The content created was cohesive with their usual style, making it a genuine watch for their audience who could understand and engage with the content immediately.

Overall, the content was authentic but also featured all Frubes' key messaging. Creators were inspired by our brief and had their own take on the challenge we introduced. This meant the campaign was truly authentic to the creators’ channels.  

We achieved 1,248,343 Instagram Impressions exceeding our target by +149.6%! We also achieved an extraordinary 100% positive brand sentiment across all campaign content. This rarely happens, and so it shows that audiences were really happy and engaged with the content. 

In the comment sentiment analysis, we discovered that a lot of people freeze their Frubes and enjoy them like a healthy, child-friendly ice cream! We talked to the client, and shared the insight that freezing your Frubes would be a great idea for a summer campaign. This directly helped spark the idea for the current frozen Frubes ad, which is not only the perfect summer snack but will help minimize food waste! 

We are excited to be working on driving awareness for the Frozen Frubes in our new influencer marketing campaign over the next few months. For this project, we will focus on the regular buyers - but also non regular buyers looking for an ice cream treat this summer. 

If you want to build your brand with influencer marketing, get in touch!

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