The Alix Earle effect: How the Gen Z influencer took TikTok by storm
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The Alix Earle effect: How the Gen Z influencer took TikTok by storm

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Alix Earle is the Gen Z’s current ‘it girl’. 

She has almost 6 million TikTok followers and over 3 million Instagram followers to her name, and has quickly become the face of the Get Ready with Me (GRWM) video trend.

Alix started posting on TikTok during her freshman year at the University of Miami in 2020, and since graduating, creating content has become her livelihood. 

But Alix isn’t the only TikTok creator posting GRWM videos – so what makes her so popular? She knows the secret to winning the hearts of Gen Z, and that is to be as relatable as possible. 

Despite her newfound fame and fortune, Alix’s followers praise her for remaining down to earth and keeping it real as a 22-year-old. Sure, Alix might be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Hailey Bieber now, but a quick scroll through her TikTok feed shows that her candid content still comes first, from being open about her acne to sharing heartwarming moments with her family. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Alix may have switched things up a little bit over the years – what was once a GRWM for college is now a GRWM to walk a red carpet – but the concept of her content remains the same. 

By consistently posting fashion and makeup videos, and quickly accumulating followers in the millions, major fashion and beauty brand have put their trust in Alix to market their products. 

So far in her 3-year social media career, Alix has partnered with the likes of White Fox Boutique, Revolve, Rare Beauty, Rhode Skin, Tarte, Too Faced, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing – and the list goes on. 

Building her presence 

When BILT – the building instruction app – approached Digital Voices, they specifically wanted to drive brand awareness of the app on TikTok among Millennials and Gen-Z audiences within the US. 

Understanding how much of an influence Alix Earle has on her Millenial and Gen Z audience on TikTok, we knew that she would be a perfect addition to the campaigns’ creator roster. 

Not only did the content she shared skyrocket above the targetted impressions, the comments that Alix received on her TikTok video further emphasized how invested her followers are in everything she does. 

The Alix Earle Effect

Alix’s most recent venture is the launch of her own podcast ‘Hot Mess’ produced by Alex Cooper, host of the hugely successful ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast. Introducing long-form content alongside the short-form content she is known and loved for allows her to dive deeper into the topics she touches upon on TikTok, meaning that her audience can connect with her on a more personal level, further strengthening their loyalty. 

The hashtag #alixearleeffect has over 106.6 million views on TikTok, and the search term ‘Alix Earle effect’ has over 2.1 billion views. Videos under the hashtag feature fans of Alix copying her skin care and makeup routines, styling Alix inspired outfits, and showing how they will consume any media that features Alix Earle.

The most popular use of the hashtag is in beauty and fashion content. So if Alix Earle is using your brands product right now, you’re certainly winning.

Brands, if you want Gen Z to come swarming in your direction, it’s clear that you need to get clued up on the Alix Earle effect. 

If you want to learn more about how to target Gen Z audiences by working with influencers, download our insights report that further explores the key to targeting youthful consumers through the power of Influencer Marketing.

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