The power of influencers for breaking into the beauty industry
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The power of influencers for breaking into the beauty industry

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

As consumers fall more in love with investing in various lotions and potions to make their skin glow and emphasize their natural beauty, it’s essential to have a clear-cut marketing plan to break through the noise. 

Trilogy is a New Zealand-based clean beauty brand, founded by two sisters in 2002. They are known as the “OGs of Rosehip Oil”, and after a decade of nourishing the skin of clean cosmetic lovers in New Zealand, Trilogy decided it was time to branch out into the US skincare market. A market that reached $ in revenue in 2023. 

The US skincare market is highly competitive, with hundreds of established brands already working with thousands of influencers. Therefore, we designed a full-funnel solution with influencers at the heart to break into the saturated space. 

Sharing success

Last week, our CEO Jenny and Rachael Caigou, Brand, Social, and Partnerships Manager at Trilogy, were invited by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to host a webinar session all about the way Trilogy and Digital Voices have worked together to drive results.

This was a great opportunity to come together with our client and share our insights with members of the ANA. Here are the key learnings we shared:

Use insights to penetrate saturated spaces

Never underestimate the power of insights!

Through insights research, we were able to discover that lifestyle influencers significantly outperformed skincare and beauty influencers when promoting cosmetic products. We believe this is because these influencers promoted fewer skincare products to their online followers, resulting in more enthusiastic reactions.

Roger Ma’s Reel for Trilogy is a great example of how working with a creator who doesn’t typically talk about beauty and cosmetics can put your brand in front of new audiences.

Tell stories authentically

If you’re working with an influencer to promote your brand's product, it’s essential for them to become genuinely familiar with it in order to share their honest opinions with their audience. With Trilogy, we ensured that creators spent at least a month using a range of Trilogy products before producing their content.

Another way to ensure that the creator's audience trusts the branded content is to keep brand focus talking points to a minimum, and instead lean into the creator's unique way of speaking honestly to the audience that they know best.

One of our recent pieces of content uses a natural integrated style to showcase the hype around Trilogy’s Instant Glow, which has Yolanda “around the throat right now…”

Track throughout the full funnel

To truly understand the success of an Influencer Marketing campaign, it’s important to consider using personalized discount codes and UTM links for creators. Analyzing Google Analytics, Amazon, and Shopify data also gives a more detailed view of how to optimize the campaign to improve performance. 

Here, Anima Agyeman shares a unique discount code with her followers which means Trilogy can clearly track the sales that come through Anima’s recommendation. 

With Trilogy, we leaned deeper into understanding the consumer journey and found that purchase intent from our influencer traffic was 3 times higher than Trilogy’s website's average.

If you’re interested in exploring the power of influencers to help your brand break into a new market, reach out to us at

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