#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt: How Influencers Are Shaping the Grocery Industry

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt: How Influencers Are Shaping the Grocery Industry

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

46% of users report feeling joyful, excited, or happy about their purchase when TikTok is part of the food and beverage customer journey. (Source: TikTok for Business).

TikTok creators are increasingly tapping into food-centric content – from grocery hauls, taste-testing viral recipes, What I Eat in a Day round-ups, and selling out products like PRIME, TruFru, and Swedish Candy. Food is not only an essential part of our daily lives, but an exciting and interesting pillar that brings people together and thrives on other opinions. 

Influencer food recommendations not only tantalize our taste buds but also serve as an accessible pathway to indulgence, inviting us to embrace their suggestions.

A ‘Chamoy Pickle’ kit that will blow your socks off for less than 10 bucks, and available to purchase on the platform through TikTok shop? Consumer = Converted. 

TikTok Virality = Increased Sales

The search term ‘Chamoy Pickle’ on TikTok returns over 170.9M posts featuring everyone from casual TikTok users to macro-influencers hopping on the trend of tasting the vibrant, bizarre-looking pickle snack, often adorned with candy and syrup. Many videos under the search term have amassed views in the multi-millions. 

A quick look at the search term ‘Chamoy Pickle’ on Google Trends shows a monumental spike in the search for the product in mid-2022. You can see the same trend for ‘Little Moons’ mochi and ‘Feta Pasta’ in late 2020 – examples of grocery products that were in extremely high demand after making an impact on TikTok. 

In fact, 46% of TikTok users said they would recommend TikTok to others who are shopping for food and beverages, and 58% of food and beverage shoppers on TikTok say that they went to TikTok to research or learn more about new products or brands. (Source: TikTok for Business)


TikTok greatly influences buyer behavior, in fact, 92% of users globally have taken action after watching a TikTok, according to TikTok’s eBook ‘Why TikTok Made Them Buy It’ TikTok users are immersed in a sound-on, full-screen experience, with an endless stream of tailored content served up by an intelligent algorithm.  

The platform unlocks a world of possibilities for brand marketers, from how their products can come to life through influencer creative content, to the engaged community ready to discover new food favorites.

Brands in the grocery space see success when partnering with influencers on TikTok to boost product sales. Here’s why: 

  • Targeted Audience Reach: TikTok’s large, predominantly Gen Z and Millennial are ideal targets for new and exciting grocery products. Influencer content allows brands to reach these audiences more effectively, as influencers have already cultivated engaged followings within specific niches or demographics such as vegan foodies, health gurus, or fast food fanatics.
  • Relatability and Trust: Influencers’ followers often view them as authentic and relatable, meaning they’re primed to trust their recommendations. When a consumer trusts an influencer's endorsement, conversion rates increase.
  • Creative Content: Creative, compelling demonstration of grocery products in action allows brands to leverage influencers’ creativity to showcase products in unique ways, making them more appealing to consumers. Showcasing a product from the moment of purchase, through to cooking it, and then eating, is more compelling than a still product image in a magazine. 
  • Measurable ROI: Brands can measure KPIs on TikTok such as engagement, click-through rates, and conversions to assess the effectiveness of their partnerships and optimize future campaigns accordingly. To make this process even more seamless, you can partner with an expert Influencer Marketing agency with historic knowledge of measuring influencer ROI. 
  • TikTok Shop: TikTok Shop is an in-app feature that allows users to discover and purchase products directly from the platform, this includes groceries. A multi-pack of protein bars, crates of soda, and candy galore – you’ll be surprised at just how much choice there is on TikTok Shop 

By collaborating with influencers who have access to TikTok Shop, brands can streamline the path to purchase for consumers. As a result, brands can leverage TikTok Shop to drive more immediate and direct sales while also benefiting from the exposure and engagement generated by influencer collaborations.

Digital Voices has partnered with many CPG brands and promoted products including Yoplait yogurt and Magnum ice creams. Our international campaigns have driven huge awareness of the products, and increased in-store sales. 

Partnering with influencers on TikTok provides brands in the grocery space with a powerful opportunity to enhance their visibility, and credibility, ultimately driving product sales in a dynamic and rapidly growing digital landscape.

To learn more about influencer partnerships in the CPG space email us at hello@digitalvoices.com.

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