Twitter starts tests of most requested ‘Edit Tweet’ feature
September 5, 2022

Twitter starts tests of most requested ‘Edit Tweet’ feature

An ‘Edit Tweet’ option has been top of the list of Twitter’s most requested features for some time. Internal testing of this highly anticipated feature has begun in preparation for its initial launch to 'Twitter Blue' subscribers in the upcoming weeks. Members receive the first look at any new features before launched sitewide to help with testing and to monitor usability.

Despite only paying members having access to this feature, all Twitter accounts will be able to view if a Tweet has been edited or not. Users will have a 30-minute window to edit their Tweet once they have been published. 

Users can say goodbye to typos and enjoy a more approachable and stress-free user experience - despite the previous CEO stating that the platform will “probably never” add an edit feature due to the risk of misuse between users.

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