Unlocking Your Influencer Potential: A Free Service for Creators

Unlocking Your Influencer Potential: A Free Service for Creators

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

You want to launch your influencing career, but where do you begin? Or been a creator for a while and stuck with what to do next?

Global Influencer Marketing Agency Digital Voices launched ‘Creator Voices’ as a place to start or a place to grow for all creators. 

Creator Voices is a platform that offers creators a confidential place to ask any and all questions that they might have about the Creator Economy.

Brand deal support? Confused about algorithms? Seeing red flags on creative briefs? We’ve got you!

Let’s learn some more

Sammi Gee is a Senior Campaign Producer at Digital Voices and also runs the Creator Voices service. 

Sammi has 2 and a half years of experience bridging the gap between influencers and brands, ensuring the partnerships run smoothly – and she’s even dabbled in the world of content creation herself! This makes Sammi the perfect person to explain how the service works, and how influencers can utilize it. 

It’s time to dive into some FAQs… 

What is Creator Voices? 

Creator Voices is what I like to call our passion project here at Digital Voices. It’s been running for a few years now and was initially set up by our now Account Manager Lori who has always been really eager to help creators since working with them on our campaigns in her campaign production role. 

I used to be a creator myself so I know how lonely it can sometimes, feeling like you don’t know what to upload next or how to title a video, so I was super keen to help and get stuck in by helping some wonderful creators.

The service was made to help all creators with questions, from thumbnails to fees - we’re happy to answer any questions!

How much does it cost to use the service? 

It’s free - and available at your fingertips as many times as you need it.

Why does Digital Voices offer this service? 

Digital Voices is full of influencer enthusiasts, creators, ex-talent managers, and digital media professionals who have advice imprinted on their brains. We’ve come across almost every situation Influencer Marketing can throw at you and we don’t believe in gatekeeping our knowledge. 

What can I ask for advice on? 

Anything! We’ve had people ask for help on launching new channels, cross platform posting, improving thumbnails and helping update media kits and fees. We can advise on getting you your first brand deal or how to develop the current relationships you have. This service isn't to get you a brand deal itself, it's to improve your content and answer all your questions regarding being a creator.

How do I get in contact? 

You can drop us an email at creator@digitalvoices.com and we can set you up a call with one of our wonderful DV employees to start answering those burning questions.

Why do you love Creator Voices?

It’s really rewarding to be able to help all creators. A personal highlight for me was our Black History Month event at the end of last year, it was an intimate session ehld in London where we were able to meet creators in person and put on workshops for the things they thought they needed the most advice on. We hope to be putting on more events soon!

We will soon be sharing some incredible success stories and testimonials from creators who have used, and reaped the benefits of Creator Voices! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to learn more. And remember, you can reach out to creator@digitalvoices.com to chat with our team.

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