Why agency tech has become the cornerstone of successful Influencer Campaigns 🚀
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Why agency tech has become the cornerstone of successful Influencer Campaigns 🚀

Jake Varga
Jake Varga

Influencer Marketing is a nearly a decade-mature industry, and continues to have an unwavering upward trajectory. During this time, best practices and regulations have evolved, and so has the technology that agencies use to deliver successful, data-informed campaigns.

While digital advertising tools allow agencies to automate many elements of campaign work, Influencer Marketing requires a particularly human touch. So, how are Influencer Marketing agencies leveraging tech to augment production processes and deliver world-class campaigns?

Intelligent Insights

With the ever-reducing availability of cookies, and with platform data access dwindling, many agencies without proprietary tools will be left without the ability to inform strategies effectively or efficiently report on campaign results.

Good agency tech will utilise aggregated first-party data to inform future success. Whether it’s optimising strategies, or using historical campaign insights to scale a client's influencer activities via intelligent reporting dashboards, centralising learnings within a tailored-made platform ensures collaboration on developing robust and equally creative campaigns. What worked well in our Q3 campaign? Simply log on and find out!

Campaigns at a glance

The most successful influencer agencies work as an extension of the brand, and their software should mirror this. Unfortunately, as spreadsheets offer limited customisation and communication often takes place over long email chains, clients spend more time reviewing creators and approving content.

To minimise this, custom campaign management tools can be designed to streamline communication and offer campaign progress at a glance. Features like automated notifications and dynamic dashboards allow clients to quickly view updates and respond in one click — saving clients time and improving their overall experience.

Efficient Production

Within influencer campaign production, there is a very prevalent juxtaposition; creators intend to produce content in one sitting and brands often request numerous changes until everything is perfectly curated.

Creators are the experts at what they do and know the content their audiences want to see, but when amendments are necessary, tailor-made content approval features allow agencies to optimise communication speed between client, agency, and creator to ensure amendments are collaborative, swift, and within reason. 

Introducing Chord

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new platform, Chord. Chord is our internal campaign management platform.

Chord Influencer Marketing Platform - Powered by Digital Voices

Developed from the ground up, it is packed with features that will enable us to better serve all the clients we manage. Chord includes task systems for content approvals and shortlisting allowing clients to review, feedback, and approve creators all in one dedicated space. View progress in real-time via our activity dashboards and dynamic timelines. As well as enjoy conversations with our team in campaign-specific discussion threads.

We have launched a beta exclusively for clients to trial from 28th March, contact us to get a demo!

Author: Jake Varga

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