Why Influencer Marketing is the way forward for tech brands

Why Influencer Marketing is the way forward for tech brands

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Influencer Marketing is well renowned for being the perfect match for brands in fields like fashion, beauty, travel, homecare, and gaming, giving them the ideal stage to showcase their latest and greatest releases to targeted across the globe.

When it comes to spreading the word about more niche products like a VPN or a digital car rental service, the big question is: How can influencer marketing not only hit the target with your audience but also pull off the results you're aiming for? 

If you're a tech brand, this is what you need to know…

A goals-based strategy 

Brands can have a real variety of goals that they’re aiming to achieve with their Influencer Marketing campaigns – they may be looking solely at brand engagement, driving product sales, or maybe even app downloads.

Although it depends on what the specific brand is aiming to achieve, many tech brands like to focus on data when scoping out their Influencer Marketing activity. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that you’re working across platforms that allow for data-focused metrics.

Platform selection 

When choosing the optimum platforms to share tech branded influencer content, the brand should take a look at the social platforms they’re already seeing traction on. 

Iona, our Senior Account Manager, revealed that many tech brand campaigns have a  conversion goal, so it’s important to prioritize platforms that have a straightforward customer journey to purchase. 

YouTube and Instagram Stories are the most seamless platforms and placements for this to date, as they allow for conversion optimization in a way that differs from other platforms. For example, QR codes on YouTube videos provide a way for consumers to follow a link on their phone, while watching the content on TV or laptop.

Additionally, long-form, sound-on, content often performs better when a product needs a detailed explanation, which is also why YouTube can be the platform of choice in this vertical.

Keep your brief concise

When planning a branded content brief for a tech product or service, it’s essential to ensure the brief is really detailed with disclaimers, key messages, and a CTA so the content comes across clearly (especially if the tech needs a lot of explanation). 

The creator needs to be able to understand the brief and the product from the get-go to be able to communicate it effectively to their audience. It’s best to have face-to-face calls with creators ahead of content creation, to ensure they really understand the product. It also gives them a place to ask all and any questions they may have about the techy side of the brand. 

Influencer tech campaigns in action

We work with Adobe on an ongoing basis, to support them with various wider campaigns across the company, as well as specific product or feature-led launches. We’ve now completed 9 campaigns with Adobe, with 4 more in the works, and the content that has been produced across these projects has been superb.

The creator content produced around Adobe’s Firefly tool really shows the capabilities of the software while encapsulating the fun element that influencers can bring to a campaign. The focus for this campaign was awareness, so the focus was on short-form content that shows off the tool in a way that can elevate the creator’s current content formats.

Another example of how influencers can produce content that promotes a tech-based service is the campaign we worked on with Virtuo, the car rental service that is fully controlled by your phone.

The goal was to generate awareness of Virtuo amongst a highly target audience of “hypermobile”, and engage them in a way that drives consideration of the service.

The creators focussed on storytelling and bold content to help Virtuo stand out from its competitors. 

One creator, Jimseuh, created a video that showcased how Virtuo fits into his daily life and allows him to leave the city. Even though the video was in a professional style, it encapsulated Jimseuh’s authentic opinion of the product. 

If you’re keen to explore how Influencer Marketing can work as a channel to put your tech brand above competitors, reach out to us at hello@digitalvoices.com

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