Why your brand should be collaborating with creators on Snapchat
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Why your brand should be collaborating with creators on Snapchat

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

You may be familiar with Snapchat as an app for sharing disappearing photos and messages with friends. 

Snapchat has grown to be much more than an instant messaging app, and if you’re a brand working with creators, now’s the time to understand the platform's capabilities… 

Earlier this year at Snap Inc.’s annual Partner Summit the platform announced the new features it would be putting in place to strengthen Snapchat as a fully-fledged platform for creators. 
Just this year, Snapchat has introduced: 

  • Revenue-sharing options for creators producing Stories, allowing them to place ads within their content and generate income, resulting in increased viewer engagement. 
  • Easier ways for users aged 18 and older to create Public Stories, expanding the platform's visibility by incorporating creator content into Snap Map, Stories, and Spotlight, allowing creators to tag locations to enhance their exposure. 
  • Features such as the integration of Linktree, Remix, and enhanced Spotlight Replies. 

These exciting changes to the platform have aimed to improve the creator experience and strengthen Snapchat’s presence in the creator sphere.

So how can brands get involved? 

If you’re looking to put yourself in front of a young Gen Z audience, why not explore how working with creators on Snapchat to boost your brand’s presence? 

But first, here are some things you need to consider: 

Find Relevant Influencers:
  • Look for influencers whose followers align with your target audience. Consider factors like the influencer's reach, engagement, and the type of content they create. Working with an agency like Digital Voices will ensure you select the best influencers as we use data-led insights.
Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC):
  • Encourage influencers to create content that showcases your product or service in a natural and creative way. UGC can be a powerful way to connect with Snapchat users.
Adapt, Learn, and Optimize:
  • Understand how Snapchat is different from platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.  Continuously optimize your approach to improve your ROI and better connect with your audience.
What does creator content look like on Snapchat? 

Creators are increasingly becoming more present on the app, especially those with a Gen Z audience, and this comes as no surprise, as Snapchat has reported paying over $1 million daily to creators who produce the highest-performing content. 

With the Gen Z audience demographic craving authenticity, a popular way to promote your brand through Influencer Marketing on Snapchat is to collaborate with creators on an account takeover. A creator will take over your account for a set period of time, sharing content about your brand from their perspective. 

Other popular content formats on Snapchat that lend themselves to being effective for influencer collaboration include: 

  • Live streams
  • AR experiences 
  • Vertical video
  • Photos with direct links to your brand's site

Remember that successful Influencer Marketing on Snapchat is not just about paying for promotions; it's about creating genuine, engaging content that resonates with the platform's primarily Gen Z user base. By working closely with influencers and being strategic in your approach, you can monetize your brand effectively on Snapchat!

To learn more about how your brand can experiment with Influencer Marketing on emerging platforms, reach out to us at hello@digitalvoices.com

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