Why your brand should work with a TikTok Agency Partner 🛍️
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Why your brand should work with a TikTok Agency Partner 🛍️

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Global e-commerce sales are set to hit $8.1 trillion by 2026. With social commerce heating up, and TikTok Shop rivaling the likes of Amazon, this comes as no surprise! 

TikTok Shop is well on its way to becoming the hottest e-commerce offering on the market. But what do you do if you just don’t know where to begin? 

You may be asking “Is the platform right for my brand? Where can I find the right creators?” 

Luckily, the Influencer Marketing industry is becoming more savvy, and we’re seeing the potential for brands and creators to succeed with TikTok shop.

Find yourself a trusted TikTok Shop Partner, sit back, and watch the sales roll in… 

What is a TikTok Shop Partner? 

TikTok Shop Partners (TSPs) are service providers for TikTok Shop merchants, helping them with shoppable content, store operation, and growth on the platform. We’re super excited to have been recognized as an official TSP!

If diving headfirst into TikTok Shop with your brand feels daunting, you can turn to a TSP in the knowledge that you’re receiving informed, tried, and tested advice that will allow you to make TikTok Shop work for your specific needs. 

What can TikTok Shop Partners do? 

Merchant development and management: You can ask for support with onboarding and merchant business development on TikTok Shop as well as Shop management and operations, customer services, and traffic support.

Studio, presenters, and content: Some TikTok Shop partners will offer your brand support with the production of content including presenter training. You can also work with your Shop partner to find creators that align with your brand and are clued up when it comes to filming, editing, and posting. 

E-commerce strategy: As well as also providing support on supply chain logistics, you can utilize your TSPs expertise in content strategy, performance analysis and revenue, and revenue optimization. 

Will TikTok Shop work for my brand? 

In short – yes! If your brand offers a tangible product for consumers to purchase, there’s no reason why selling on TikTok Shop won’t work for you. 

There are different TikTop Shop formats to explore, so there’s something for everyone: 

Live Shopping: These are timed events, usually between 1 and 3 hours while consumers can make a purchase there and then in QVC style.  

Shoppable Videos: These videos look like the typical organic creator content that you would expect to see when scrolling your FYP, except the inclusion of a shoppable link that allows you to purchase the product the creator is speaking about in-app means that audiences can return to these videos time and time again and purchase at any point. 

Product Showcase: When someone clicks on your brand's TikTok account, they will have the option to explore your product showcase. They can then see all of your products, and the deals you may be offering, and add items to their cart. 

Shop Tab: This is TikTok Shop’s newest feature. The tab titled ‘Shop’ appears as soon as you open the TikTok app and sits alongside the Explore, Following, and For You tabs. This page looks similar to a typical e-commerce marketplace and is full of brand recommendations based on the videos you interact with, and the latest deals. 

Choosing to position your brand on TikTok gives you the opportunity to tap into a highly engaged community. Plus, 

  • Consumers can make a purchase seamlessly without having to leave the app or fill in pages of personal details
  • Creator content on the app allows consumers to watch personal and realistic product reviews as they purchase. 
  • Your product may be niche, but if the audience can see how it’s working for a creator that they trust, it becomes much more likely that they will purchase too. 

If you’re looking for a helping hand to get started on TikTok Shop, reach out to us at hello@digitalvoices.com to learn more about our TikTok Shop Partnership capabilities!

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