YouTube dominates US teen’s screen time
February 23, 2023

YouTube dominates US teen’s screen time

Soaring Screen Time 

YouTube continues to remain top spot for US teens as 95% use the video platform and 19% of this group use it constantly, particularly among a male audience.

A 2022 study by Pew Research saw that TikTok has grown considerably in popularity amongst American teens aged 13-17. Additionally, 16% of this demographic state that they use TikTok almost constantly!

So, what does this mean for brands targeting the young demographic?

The YouTube Landscape 

When creating effective marketing campaigns, it's crucial to consider the concentration span of the target audience and typical behaviour across social platforms: 

  • Gen Z continues to be invested in long-form content despite the recent surge of TikTok. 
  • A report by Global Web Index (GWI) found that Gen Z are highly likely to be watching 20+ minute videos on a regular basis. 
  • One in four consumers watches branded YouTube videos each month. 
How brands can connect with Gen Z

Partnering with creators through YouTube influencer marketing campaigns is a direct route for marketers to reach a younger audience. YouTube content undoubtedly holds greater retention which gives brands the ability to drive engagement across platforms, experiment with content through different formats, all while building credible communities.

During the US Midterm elections in 2022, Digital Voices partnered with the non-partisan organization, HeadCount, to drive voter actions amongst younger generations. How did we do it? Through YouTube!

The overall impact of creating authentic YouTube integrations alongside prize incentives allowed us to surpass the goal of achieving 100,000 voter actions through influencer efforts and generate a total of 142,754 new registrations, highlighting the positive effect of influencer content on younger audiences.

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