5 Foodie Influencers You Need to Partner with in 2024

5 Foodie Influencers You Need to Partner with in 2024

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

The global food and beverage market has grown from $6,729.54 billion in 2022 to $7,221.73 billion in 2023.

Food has become far more than just a means to keep us fuelled, it can be creative, help us bond with one another, and spark excitement and emotions.

Food and beverage brands are upping the ante, developing market-leading products aimed towards food lovers across the globe, targeting vegetarians and vegans, fast food lovers, fine diners, and those with allergies the list is endless汕

Its essential to be aware of who your target audience is through thorough research, and when you have an idea of exactly who you want to target with your latest product release, the next step is marketing to your chosen demographic. If you want to show your product in action and showcase honest reviews to engaged audiences, working with influencers will be just your cup of tea.

Weve pulled together a list of 5 influencers best known for their food content, from taste tests to recipes.

Make sure theyre on your radar!

Mads aka Crip and Dip

Bursting onto the TikTok foodie scene just this year, Mads gained popularity thanks to her carbs before a night out are a must series, in which you can see her regularly cooking up a storm while sipping a cocktail before heading out for the evening. She usually follows on from this content by sharing her hungover takeaway choice the next day, as well as her marvelous pickle concoctions. Her content has also gained traction due to her friendly personality which is extremely relatable to other 20-somethings who have a taste for good food as well as trying to live on a budget in a big city.

We recently selected Mads to partner with Ballantines for the release of their Whiskey hot sauce, meaning Mads was able to seamlessly marry up her cooking and cocktail content, building authentic hype around the product launch.

Alexandre aka Le Routin

Alexandre, aka Le Routin to his subscribers on YouTube, is a French creator best known for his food and tasting videos. Alexandre regularly shares videos in which he compares the latest releases from popular fast-food vendors, compares affordable food with more expensive offerings, and brings his audience along with him as he indulges in new cuisines and creative culinary concepts.

We recently partnered with Alexandre on a video for Zuru Toys where he introduced her audience to the Mega Gross Minis collection. Alexandre creates family-friendly foodie content, meaning his Zuru collaboration was the ideal way to spark interest amongst the younger members of his audience, as well as those who find joy in discovering new food-themed collectible items specifically those encapsulated in slime!

Imran Ali aka What in the Chef

Imran, or What in the Chef on TikTok, creates food reviews and recipe videos on TikTok, heavily inspired by South Asian cuisine. As well as his everyday foodie content, Imran often references his Islamic culture, sharing recipes for the food he enjoys cooking, eating, and sharing during the Ramadan and Eid period.

For Veganuary in 2023, we partnered with Imran to produce content for La Vie, showcasing their market-leading vegan bacon, and sharing how the meatless rashes can be enjoyed as a halal alternative to meat-based bacon. Imran is a creator you need to have on your radar if youre inspired by the way food and culture complement each other.

Jens Plant Base

Jen is a plant-based, Caribbean foodie creator who shares tantalizing recipe videos across TikTok and Instagram. Jen has found a niche in the food creator space as she recreates plant-based versions of popular Caribbean dishes that are typically meat-heavy, showing how different cuisines can be enjoyed no matter your dietary preferences.

Jens content is vibrant and full of personality. Not only does she make her recipe videos engaging and accessible, she speaks to her audience about the stories and inspiration behind the recipe content she shares with them.

Justin K Arthur

Amassing 379.4K followers and 6.7M likes on TikTok, Justin shares recipe videos full of personality, and often with a Ghanaian influence. Justins videos are more than just step-by-step recipes, he draws in his audience by telling stories about his life or sharing his opinions on different topics in the voiceovers of his videos, often touching on how moments in his life have inspired his culinary ventures.

Justins main social presence is on TikTok, however, hes recently launched his YouTube channel, enabling him to dive deeper into the world of long-from content and tap into new audiences.

So if youre looking for a foodie influencer to partner with to showcase your brand's latest launch, this list has you covered! Drop us a line at hello@digitalvoices.com to start building creator connections, and to put the plans in place for your next campaign.

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