5 Tips for using Paid Social in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

5 Tips for using Paid Social in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Alix Williams
Alix Williams

Organic influencer content drives incredible engagement, but by combining the content with paid amplification, you can truly bolster your results!

Our Paid Social Director, Alix Williams, is an advocate for using Paid Social in influencer campaigns, and here are her top tips on getting started… 

1. Understand optimal content for paid amplification

Generally, across all platforms it is best to use concise, engaging UGC that captures the attention of audiences and mentions the brand within the first few seconds. You should include your hook, a short insight, and the USP!

Make sure the content fits your placement and is social first. Don’t use full-screen ad assets for a square placement – a square peg doesn’t fit in a round hole!

2. Choose your platforms 

Paid ads can run on almost every social platform, ranging from the tried and tested Meta which has dominated the social ad space for years, to the long-format ‘edutainment’ hub that is YouTube, or even the B2B champion LinkedIn, to reach a professional audience.

The key differences between these platforms are their offerings and their audience users. Whilst all platform formats and targeting might be different, the main focus is who is using the platform and their behavior. Does the social platform tap into communities and conversation, or is it for bingeing trending short-format content? 

To choose the right platform for your brand, take into consideration your specific marketing goals, what you’re trying to achieve, and what part of the customer journey you’re at. The content should be native to the platform, and tie into exactly where your audience is in their journey with the brand.

3. Don’t rule out potential customers

You want to ensure that your ads are reaching the right audience, but if you narrow down your demographics too much, you could miss out on potential conversions. Be sure to keep your brand’s niche in mind, considering their interests, demographic, and behaviours, but don’t shy away from being more broad.

By broadening your targeting, you put trust in the algorithm to discover new and ideal audiences for your ads. While it might be nerve-wracking to rely on the platform, more often than not, AI gets it right. Remember, social platforms are designed to ensure your ads succeed!

4. Take a holistic approach

Paid, owned, and earned media should be considered as a holistic approach rather than working in silos. By working across teams to integrate these elements from day one, you can ensure that all of your internal departments and external agencies are harmonious and all considerations are met when creating content. 

Remember that an influencer agency can act as an extension of your own brand! At Digital Voices, we work alongside performance agencies (rather than against them!) to ensure efficient results and to stop any cannibalization of ad performance - which can happen when your strategy isn’t holistic and teams are not linking up in their approach.

5. Explore and understand case studies

If you’re not already convinced that adding paid amplification to your Influencer Marketing campaigns will supercharge your results, you’ll want to explore some case studies. Plenty of platforms and agencies have a portfolio of results broken down by industry, objective, and social platform. The more case studies you explore, the more you will begin to understand the different measurements of success, and in turn what success might look like for your brand. 

Take a look at our campaign with Frubes for example…

Your Paid Social strategy can be entirely customized based on your brands specific goals and chosen budget. If you don’t know where to start, you can reach out to our growing team of Paid Social whizzes who know exactly what’s what when it comes to taking influencer content to the next level. 

Drop the team a line at paid@digialvoices.com and get started on your Paid Social journey. 

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