Presenting the Surfshark Influencer Creatives Making Waves 🌊

Presenting the Surfshark Influencer Creatives Making Waves 🌊

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

August marks Digital Voices’ 4-year anniversary with Surfshark, our longest-standing always-on brand partner to date, and a match made in heaven. 

Digital Voices has worked alongside the award-winning, secure virtual private network (VPN) Surfshark since August 2019 to run YouTube sponsorship performance campaigns at a groundbreaking global scale. We started small, and have grown to work with vast number of creators every month to drive sales by showing the benefits of using Surfshark VPN in YouTube videos, and we’ve recently started exploring other platforms too (keep an eye on Threads).

YouTube has been the social media platform of choice for this conversion-focused campaign as it’s the most effective at educating an audience about a product. We also know from running campaigns cross-platform that YouTube drives the highest conversion rate. A win for us, a win for Surfshark!

As of July, we have sponsored 1,700 creators on 4,000 sponsored videos, achieving a total of 816,226,593 views (and counting). Each creator took a unique approach to  the Surfshark integration, and we want to showcase some of this excellent, creative, and result-driving content!

  1. Half Asleep Chris

In this Surfshark sponsorship integration, the creator Half Asleep Chris gets his cat in on the action by dressing it in a shark costume, so by default, this is an amazing piece of content. Cats aside, Chris’ integration is almost like a mini-movie, he builds Lego to set the scene visually, and uses a combination of voice-over and graphic captions to explain what Surfshark has to offer. This integration is compelling, and the explanation of what a VPN is is clear enough for even a non-internet user to understand.


In his video about sweet treats, HONEST GUIDE’S Janek seamlessly segued into speaking about the sweet deal his viewers would get by using their Surfshark VPN discount code. He spoke about the product in a simple yet intriguing way, showing real-life examples on screen of the sites you can explore once you sign up to Surfshark. This integration drove impressive sales for Surfshark.

  1. Fireb0rn

Fireb0rn’s Surfshark integration was practically art in this video. Fireb0rn is a gamer, so to relate authentically to his audience, he explained and showed a real-life example of how using Surfshark can elevate your gaming experience by keeping your IP address hidden. He then goes on to provide another example of how to use Surfshark for opening up new content on streaming services. The integration certainly didn’t seem out of place in the gamer's futuristic video. 

Now as we enter our another year of partnering together, our campaign production team continues to take Digital Voices’ relationship with Surfshark to new heights. Our campaign team is currently testing Meta Threads as a platform for Surfshark branded content, and we will be sharing more about that on the blog next week…

Learn more about our partnership with Surfshark here!

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