Super Bowl 2024 | Kanye West is in his Influencer Era

Super Bowl 2024 | Kanye West is in his Influencer Era

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

One eye on the television screen, one eye on social media. 

Did you spot Taylor Swift kissing Travis Kelce? Can you believe Usher bought our Alicia Keys during the halftime show? 

As always, the social media commentary surrounding the annual Super Bowl has been just as (maybe even more!) entertaining than the big game itself. From Rihanna announcing her pregnancy mid-performance in 2024, to Usher making his comeback adorned in sequins in 2024. 

Here are some of our favorite marketing moments from the 2024 event: 

Kanye West films his Yeezy ad in selfie mode

During the 2024 Super Bowl match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Feb 11, Kanye West showcased his website in a new commercial. Kanye filmed a selfie video stating that because he spent so much money securing an advertising spot during the Super Bowl ($7 million to be exact) he didn't have any money left to shoot an actual commercial.

Some may consider this to be low impact compared to some of the high-production ads that were shown during the game, but it actually emphasizes the impact that brands, celebrities, and influencers can make on consumers with content they’ve filmed on their mobile phones. Whether this move from Kanye was a purposeful move to create a PR moment, the ad has certainly gained a lot of traction!

Kanye’s selfie mode ad may not have been as slick, edited, and vibrant as a lot of the influencer content we see on social media today, however, it cleverly acknowledges that we are in an era that allows anyone with a mobile device to create content and spark a moment of marketing genius. 

Beyonce (almost) broke Verizon

In her ad slot, Beyoncé’s approach was to mess with the Verizon mobile network while dropping hints about her new music. In the commercial, we saw Beyoncé try everything from running a Lemonade stand to playing her latest tunes on the saxophone. She even dabbled in gaming, introduced an A.I. version of herself, and transformed into "BarBey" – her version of Barbie. To top it off, Beyoncé jokingly announced her bid for "Beyoncé of the United States" and took her performance to outer space, all in an attempt to cause some internet excitement.

At the end of the ad, Beyoncé teased, “OK, they ready. Drop the new music.” You can now go to her Instagram page for teasers of her new body of work. Queen B remains iconic. 

TikTok was an official Super Bowl partner

It’s 2024, and we no longer need a television or streaming service to keep up with the big game. For the fourth year running, the NFL decided to embrace the TikTok community by hosting an official in-app event surrounding the Super Bowl. 

TikTok tweeted: “For the fourth year, in partnership with TikTok, fans watching across the world can tune in on @NFL on TikTok for hours of live programming featuring a live musical performance from Gwen Stefani, NFL special guests, and TikTok creators. The Super Bowl LVIII TikTok Tailgate invites all fans into the league’s premier Super Bowl pregame celebration LIVE from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.”

A quick scroll through the tab shows where TikTok users’ attention was focused: Taylor Swift kissing her NFL boyfriend Travis Kelce, a moment that undoubtedly wouldn’t have been the ‘star of the show’ if it wasn't for social media. 

The NFL’s partnership with TikTok not only enables sporting fans to watch quick snippets and highlights of the game, but it also enables an alternative pop-culture-loving audience to create their own highlights and interact with the game in a way that they already enjoy interacting with their favorite influencers and celebrities on the app. Perhaps TikTok will become Gen Z’s new favorite streaming service? 

We will be sharing more this week about some of the most seamless influencer content created surrounding the Super Bowl, including content from our partnership with a brand-new fashion and fragrance partner – you won’t want to miss it! 

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