Beauty brands, here's how you can succeed with Influencer Marketing 💅
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Beauty brands, here's how you can succeed with Influencer Marketing 💅

Neve Fear-Smith
Neve Fear-Smith

Digital Voices is branching further into the beauty sector, winning deals with beauty and cosmetics retailers across the globe. 

From our LUSH X Lazy Oaf campaign in the UK to our #TrilogyTransformation campaign in the US, we’re excited to be seeing so much success in this competitive space. But how exactly are we succeeding in the beauty sector? We have the secrets… 

Beauty vs. Tech

The beauty sector is an incredibly competitive space, and beauty products themselves are something that can be very personal per consumer. Digital Voices has vast experience working with tech brands such as Surfshark and Adobe, and when it comes to tech, the audience tends to experience the product in the same way to an extent. They usually have a use case that doesn’t typically vary heavily between each consumer. When it comes to the beauty sector, the brand must target a variety of people who all have different skin types and tones, routines, and ways of living. This is where the product needs to naturally integrate within that so the consumer can see it fitting into their daily life. 

As an agency, what we have found so far from working within the beauty space is that storytelling is key, alongside being really transparent about products and their benefits. It’s almost an ‘edutainment' style of content where education and entertainment should roll into one, this way, the audience understands the product in a way that engages them. 

We experimented with ‘edutainment’ a lot when working with LUSH cosmetics by working with creators to not only explain the ingredients of their products and how to use them effectively, but also to share more context in terms of LUSH’s overarching brand such as being sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. Allowing creators to tie these messages into the content that feels the most authentic to them not only highlights the brands' amazing products, but it works to point out their USPs in an incredibly competitive market subtly.

Selecting the right influencers 

It may often seem like the obvious creators to work with on a beauty campaign are those who primarily produce beauty content, however, many cosmetics are used by the majority of people, whether they have an interest in beauty or not. 

The benefit of not just working with beauty creators is that you’re expanding your audience reach. Also beauty creators, as it says in the title, work primarily across beauty so although they’re trusted within this community, they’re reviewing a vast amount of products, which could make it harder for a brand to stand out or even convert customers. 

The key is to identify your audience, identify the brand’s USP, and then find creators who either already love the product and work with them to produce content that aligns with their current formats, this way the integration feels authentic. If you’re targeting a new audience or you’re an upcoming brand, you could work with creators who are already speaking to your target audience and may have potentially featured similar products in their content before, this way, you know that they can talk about your product naturally and authentically. 

As long as the creator is passionate about your product and/or what your company stands for, their content will likely perform in your brand’s favor. However, we do always recommend working with some beauty creators as long as the storytelling makes sense to ensure that you have an element of exposure within that community.

Our campaign highlights

Our spectacular Senior Account Manager Iona Kelly has had experience working on campaigns in multiple verticals. In the beauty sector, one of the campaigns she worked on was the LUSH X Lazy Oaf collaboration. Overall, Iona believes that Digital Voices has found success by listening to the clients and becoming experts on those brands.

The Account Managers working with our beauty clients not only live and breathe beauty already, but they love to get hands-on with the product so that they know the exact benefits, as well as how to talk about the products to creators. This also allows us to create bespoke strategies to ensure results based on the client’s KPIs. Trilogy and LUSH have required two very different strategies, but we’ve seen success across them both, which also further emphasizes the need to understand the USPs of each brand.

Working with LUSH, the accounts team trialed a new YouTube strategy that was bespoke to the brand. This has worked extremely well and we have seen incredibly high positive comment sentiments from the audiences of the creators. The content created was also visually beautiful, and the creators involved had been fans of LUSH for years (a lot of them had said that LUSH would be their dream brand partner) which made the campaign a wonderful full-circle moment, with authenticity and love shining through in every piece of content produced. 

Did you know, our #TrilogyTransformation campaign has been shortlisted for Beauty Creator Marketing Campaign of the Year at the bCreator Awards? You have until 31st August to vote in this category, so make yours count!

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